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Hydrogen Solaris buses roll along the streets of Poznań

Today, the municipal public operator MPK Poznań has opened up a new chapter in its history

Today, the municipal public operator MPK Poznań has opened up a new chapter in its history. The first ever state-of-the-art Solaris buses to be fitted with hydrogen fuel cells have rolled out onto the streets of the city. In October 2022, the carrier ordered 25 vehicles of this type. The whole order will be completed by the end of 2023. The vehicles will be refuelled with hydrogen at a refuelling station located on Warszawska street.

At the end of 2022, the city of Poznań made an impressive investment by ordering 25 zero-emission hydrogen-powered buses. The vehicles are being delivered by Solaris, which can draw on its nearly 10 years of experience in developing hydrogen technology for public transport. Today, the bus maker delivered the first two Urbino 12 hydrogen buses. The remaining vehicles will be handed over to the carrier by the end of this year.

“Our firm has consistently pursued a well-thought-out fleet policy over the years, as we want our fleet vehicles to be cutting-edge and zero-emission. Solaris Bus & Coach substantially contributed to this process when it submitted winning bids and supplied the city with its first electric buses, and now it is delivering the first ever hydrogen-powered electric buses to Poznań. I am firmly convinced that the new vehicles will serve our passengers well,” says Krzysztof Dostatni, CEO of MPK Poznań.

“Clean and sustainable transport is a cornerstone for the functioning of the towns and cities of the future. We are extremely proud to be able to deliver hydrogen buses to the city of Poznań and we are happy that its inhabitants will be able to see for themselves the qualities of hydrogen as a clean and efficient energy source. Public transport has undergone a remarkable green transition in Europe over the past few years. I am very glad to see that Poznań is not only keeping pace with these dynamic changes, but also undisputedly leading the field”, said Dariusz Michalak, CTO of Solaris responsible, among other things, for the development of new products and the implementation of new technologies.

One of the crucial qualities of the new vehicles is their zero-emission driveline. The Urbino 12 hydrogen buses use energy, derived from hydrogen, which is converted into electricity in a fuel cell. The chemical reaction that takes place in the fuel cell is extremely clean, as its only by-products are water and heat. In practice, the buses can cover 350km with full tanks in all road and weather conditions, and refuelling takes just a dozen or so minutes. Refuelling will take place at a dedicated hydrogen refuelling station located on Warszawska street in Poznań.

The interior of these low-floor buses is fully air-conditioned. In addition, passengers will benefit from, among other amenities, a comprehensive passenger information system, a video surveillance system and chargers for mobile devices.

Interest in hydrogen-based zero-emission solutions continues to grow in Europe, and Solaris is a leading manufacturer in this market segment. The bus maker’s order book already contains over 400 hydrogen buses, including 130 units already serving passengers in a dozen or so European towns and cities.

SOURCE: Solaris

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