Honda reaches 15 million-unit mark in cumulative automobile sales in China

Reaching milestone in 22 years, 6 months, fastest among any region

Honda today announced that Honda’s cumulative automobile sales in China has reached the 15 million-unit mark. Starting sales in China in January 1999, Honda reached this milestone in 22 years, 6 months, the fastest of any region for Honda’s global automobile sales. Moreover, HMCI also announced that Honda’s cumulative hybrid vehicle sales in China has reached the 500,000-unit mark, in 4 years and 7 months since the start of sales in 2016.

Since it started automobile business in China in 1998, Honda has been offering environmentally-responsible products filled with the joy of driving, including global models such as Accord and CR-V, as well as China-exclusive models such as Crider developed to fulfill customer needs specific to the Chinese market.

In 2016, with the introduction of Accord equipped with the Sport Hybrid i-MMD*1, Honda’s original high-efficiency hybrid-electric system, Honda began sales of hybrid-electric vehicles in China. Since then, Honda has continued enhancing its hybrid lineup and currently offers 9 hybrid models*2 in China in order to provide more customers with the unique value that only i-MMD can offer as a hybrid system that realizes both high-level driving performance and environmental performance.

Moreover, in February of this year, Honda further enhanced its lineup of electrified models by starting sales of CR-V PHEV, Honda’s first plug-in hybrid model in China.

Striving to realize a sustainable society, Honda has set goals to realize both “carbon neutrality” and “zero traffic collision fatalities” by 2050. Especially in China where electrification of mobility products and evolution of ICVs*3 are happening at a faster pace than the rest of the world, Honda will further accelerate its efforts to electrify and apply intelligent technology to its vehicles, which include plans to introduce 10 Honda-brand EV models within five years. Through these efforts, Honda will take on a challenge to continue offering products and services that satisfy its customers in China.

*1 Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive
*2 As of July 2021. Nine models including Acura CDX.
*3 Intelligent Connected Vehicle

Milestones toward reaching cumulative automobile sales of 15 million units / hybrid vehicle sales of 500,000 units in China:

1998 Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. (now GAC Honda) was established.
1999 In January, Guangzhou Honda began production of Accord.
2003 Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. was established.
2004 Dongfeng Honda began sales of CR-V.
2006 Honda’s cumulative automobile sales in China reached 1 million units.
2016 Honda began hybrid-electric vehicle sales in China with Accord equipped with the Sport Hybrid i-MMD.
2018 Honda’s cumulative automobile sales in China reached 10 million units.
2021 Honda’s cumulative automobile sales in China reached 15 million units.
Honda’s cumulative hybrid-electric vehicle sales in China reached 500,000 units.

Track record of annual automobile sales in China (Honda internal data)


About Honda automobile business joint venture companies in China

Company name
GAC Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.
LocationGuangzhou, Guangdong ProvinceWuhan, Hubei Province
EstablishmentJuly 1998July 2003
BusinessProduction and sales of automobilesProduction and sales of automobiles
Production plantsHuangPu Plant<GHAC 1st Plant>1st Plant
ZengCheng Plant<GHAC 2nd Plant>2nd Plant
ZengCheng Plant<GHAC 3rd Plant>3rd Plant
Guangzhou Development District Factory
<GHAC 4th Plant>
Annual production capacity770,000 units720,000 units
Key modelsAccord, Vezel, Breeze, Fit, and CriderXR-V, CR-V, Civic, Inspire, Elysion


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