Henning Lategahn, Founder and Managing Director, Atlatec confirmed for M:bility | Europe

Atlatec's Henning Lategahn will participate in a panel discussion titled 'How do we test the autonomous vehicle?'

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM – Automotive World, a global publishing and events company helping stakeholders understand the future of mobility, announced today that Henning Lategahn – Founder and Managing Director at Atlatec, has been confirmed as an expert speaker for M:bility | Europe.

Henning will participate in the following panel discussion:

How do we test the autonomous vehicle?

The March 2018 fatal crash in Phoenix involving a pedestrian and a manned Uber vehicle in autonomous vehicle mode highlights the danger and complexity of testing autonomous vehicles in real-world situations.

  • What challenges exist in the testing and validation of autonomous vehicles and how can they be overcome
  • What testing methods are currently being used and which are the best?
  • How does the approach to autonomous vehicle testing differ in North America, Europe and Asia?
  • Would more stringent regulation result in fewer accidents during the autonomous vehicle testing process
  • Should autonomous vehicles be tested to perfection before being deployed on a large scale?

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