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Heavy hitter: Hyzon Motors to supply world’s heaviest hydrogen-powered truck to transport company

Hyzon’s 154-ton hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle expected to rank as the heaviest zero-emissions truck on record

Twice as heavy as the Space Shuttle, Hyzon Motor Inc.’s 154-ton hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks is planned for launch in Europe.

Hyzon, a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen commercial vehicles, announced today that it will sign a memorandum of understanding to supply the truck, used in construction operations, to a European heavy lift, transport and rigging group.

Hyzon already produces the highest-density fuel cell on the market, as verified by third-party testing authorities. The new truck deployment is expected to build on this existing advantage, allowing Hyzon’s customers to power more challenging industrial work with clean hydrogen fuel.

“This technological development will demonstrate that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can replace diesel for even the most heavy-duty needs,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight. The fully loaded trucks, 154 tons by U.S. measurement, are considered the industry’s heaviest, and are expected to provide 480 kilowatts of power.

The truck agreement comes as Hyzon readies for a public listing on Nasdaq via a business combination with Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation. (NASDAQ: DCRB).

Additional interest in Hyzon’s heavy trucks has been expressed by current and potential customers in Europe and Australia, such as mining companies and companies in other industries which require high-performance vehicles for use in rugged terrain, over long distances, and in rigorous industrial activities.

SOURCE: Hyzon Motors

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