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Harman shifts car audio into high gear with the launch of new Infinity shallow subwoofers and enclosures

Matching the Intensity of Speed with Infinitely Great Sounds - Upgraded Systems Deliver Powerful Behind the Wheel Listening Experiences

Today, Harman International Industries, the premier connected technologies company for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, launches the new Infinity Reference series, a collection of shallow-mount subwoofers and enclosures. Offering a bold and timeless design and engineered to deliver powerful bass, the new speakers will bring the car listening experience to an entirely new level.

Unleashing a new era of energy-efficient audio brilliance, the Infinity Reference speakers integrate a proprietary aluminum woofer cone design and high-roll surrounds. In sizes 10” and 12”, these speakers feature Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI™) technology, effortlessly toggling between 2 or 4 ohms for optimal efficiency. With high-roll rubber surrounds for intensified sounds and a vented basket design for optimal cooling, the Infinity Reference speakers redefine the audio landscape, delivering unparalleled quality with a sleek touch of innovation.

In addition to the Infinity Reference shallow-mount subwoofers, the collection includes coupled enclosures that assist in fostering and delivering deep, powerful bass. Designed with flexibility in mind, models include a removable feet design and shallow depth to give consumers the ability to station the speaker at optimal locations of the car. The passive radiator design allows the enclosure to work in tandem with the speaker, ensuring optimal frequency.

“At Harman we look forward to opportunities when we can expand our subwoofer category and bring immersive listening experiences to vehicle owners,” said Jeffery Fay, SVP Global Product Development Consumer at Harman. “With the launch of the new Infinity Reference models, we’re excited to introduce our most stylish and advanced products yet.”

SOURCE: Harman

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