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GWM launches TANK500 HEV at Bangkok International Motor Show

From March 20 to April 2, with the theme of "Challenging the Limits, Advancing fearlessly" as its theme, GWM launched its HEV, PHEV, and EV new energy products on the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show

From March 20 to April 2, with the theme of “Challenging the Limits, Advancing fearlessly” as its theme, GWM launched its HEV, PHEV, and EV new energy products on the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show. The HAVAL brand’s LOGO has taken on a new look, and the TANK brand has officially been released in Thailand. It has also been announced that the TANK 500 HEV has opened its global first pre-sale in Thailand. At this auto show, GWM fully demonstrated the outstanding achievements of GWM brand in Thailand and its future-oriented vision of new energy with intelligent and new energy products and leading brand strength.

At the auto show, a team of TANK owners’ clubs from China arrived at the GWM conference site through 4200 kilometers in 7 cities and 3 countries, and jointly announced the establishment of the “Thai TANK Owners’ Club” with the GWM brand.

The fleet consisted of over 20 TANK brand vehicles. Chinese car owner representatives presented club special gifts which conveying the brand spirit and values of “Born globally, co-creation” to members of the Thai car owners club. The fleet also endorses brand and product strength of the TANK brand, and helps to establish an image of luxurious, intelligent, and full-scenarios in the Thai market.

It is worth mentioning that the motorcade composed of more than a dozen TANK models is magnificent and has become another beautiful scenery outside the venue, causing fans and media to scramble for photos and reports.

New HAVAL brand LOGO released in Thailand, the first batch of new LOGO models to be launched in the second half of the year

The new logo of GWM’s HAVAL brand will be updated in the Thai market. The 2024 HAVAL JOION HEV will become the first model to adopt the new logo. This year’s modified model will be launched in the Thai market in the second half of this year.

The new logo of HAVAL brand pays more attention to pursuing simplicity and a sense of technology in design, aiming to convey the brand’s high-end, intelligent, and technological image, and better meet the consumption needs of new generations of consumers. The new generation of users pay more attention to appearance and style when selecting and purchasing automotive products. The logo of HAVAL brand is renewed through the updated design of visual signs. It not only conveys the core values of the brand, but also resonates with users and becomes their friends.

The global positioning of the TANK brand is “high-end luxury off-road SUV brand”, with brand characteristics of “Rugged, Distinctive and Free”. The release of the TANK brand in Thailand will further cover the luxury SUV market, and enhance its image as benchmark of new energy and off-road technology. In the future, more TANK brand new energy vehicles will be launched in Thailand and other ASEAN countries, driving the transformation of the ASEAN automotive industry.

The TANK 500 HEV is the first D-class luxury SUV model released by the TANK brand in Thailand. It not only perfectly combines the intelligent, luxury and off-road experience, but also satisfies users’ multi-dimensional needs with a spacious body, luxurious style, and powerful performance. The TANK 500 HEV combines the sheer strength of luxury and off-road vehicles, bearing the historical mission of brand premiumization, and will redefine the medium and large luxury off-road vehicle market.

At this Bangkok Auto Show, the renewal of the GWMs HAVAL brand LOGO and the pre-sale of the TANK 500 HEV have made the GWM’s “intelligent new energy” label more prominent and the product lineup more complete, which will effectively enhance the market share of GWM brand in Thailand and strengthen its position as a leading new energy brand in Thailand.


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