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GWM launches TANK 500 in Kazakhstan

On July 22, 2023, the launch event of TANK 500 in Kazakhstan with the theme of "NOMADS OF NOWADAYS" was held in Almaty

On July 22, 2023, the launch event of TANK 500 in Kazakhstan with the theme of “NOMADS OF NOWADAYS” was held in Almaty, the largest city in the country. The launch event is themed around the traditional nomadic spirit of the Kazakh ethnic group, integrating the spirit of exploration and continuous transcendence in the traditional nomadic culture with the tone of the sheer off-road product TANK, presenting a classic releasing that blends tradition and modernity.

At the press conference, the representative of GWM made a speech to welcome the guests and introduce the flagship model of the TANK 500. The TANK 500 combines intelligent off-road and luxury business tone, and the nomadic spirit of Kazakhstan in the new era cherishes tradition and classics while daring to explore the future. Reflected in automotive consumption, it requires both front-end technology and trendy design, as well as high-quality and reliable product strength. The TANK 500 combines the characteristics of wildness and rationality in its products, which is not only an endorsement of the local nomadic spirit rooted in the blood, but also a wise choice which is practical and reliable.

On an open lawn outdoors, the TANK 500 is showcased and released in real daily scenarios. As the guests cheered at the scene, the giant cylindrical curtain rose and the TANK 500 was officially unveiled. Multiple bloggers provided on-site commentary. More than 240 business and automotive celebrities participated in the event, with over 70 KOLs in the automotive industry. Local well-known off-road blogger Timur said, “Prior to its launch, the TANK 500 had already caused a sensation in the automotive industry. Its exterior was tough and serious, with a sheer business style, but its interior was luxurious and soft, with a strong sense of satisfaction. The positioning of ‘Off Road, On Demand’ is truly deserved.”

Then the first owner was delivered the car at the event site. Bakytbek, the first owner, highly praised the TANK 500: “This is a product with high-end power, comfort and safety. The design is luxurious and exquisite, and details show its uncommon taste. Adding the long-term business reputation of GWM dealer partners, I did not hesitate to choose the TANK 500.”

Located in central Asia, Kazakhstan is an important land corridor between Europe and Asia. As a car market with an annual sales volume of more than 100,000 units, Kazakhstan is an important strategic support point for GWM to explore the Eurasian market. In April 2021, the HAVAL brand of GWM officially landed in Kazakhstan, and the brand new models created a good reputation among local users with intelligent configuration and good quality. The launching of the flagship TANK 500 in Kazakhstan reflected the broad prospects of the Kazakhstan market and priority GWM placed on the place.


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