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Grupo Antolin and its employees collaborate in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Grupo Antolin and its employees are helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Grupo Antolin and its employees are helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. To face this global health emergency, it is essential that we all come together and support each other to protect the health and safety of the population.

The company and its employees have launched several initiatives to manufacture medical equipment and address the shortage of protective equipment against coronavirus in Spanish hospitals.

Production of medical gowns

Grupo Antolin RyA, the production plant located in Valladolid, has started the production of medical gowns for healthcare personnel. In total, about 50 volunteer employees are going to manufacture 4,000 gowns a day using the fabrics employed in the production of vehicle headliners. Initially, these products will be distributed in the hospitals of Valladolid and Burgos. Production is carried out in strict compliance with the COVID-19. prevention measures.

Production of protective masks

The company is producing parts to manufacture protective mask using the 3D printers at the HQs. With this initiative, Grupo Antolin joins the team that the University of Burgos UBU is coordinating to produce medical equipment. This group has already 260 members working with more than 350 3D printers. The protective masks are being distributed to the Burgos University Hospital.

Grupo Antolin employees are collaborating personally with this initiative producing material on their 3D printers at home.

SOURCE: Grupo Antolin 

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