Global Car HAVAL F7x Launched in Russia Formally

HAVAL F7x won reputation through crossover marketing

Taking the initiative in overseas development is an inevitable trend for Chinese auto brands to break through the fierce competition and broaden its development path. “Pilot” is the best word for HAVAL. In less than half a year, HAVAL has been frequently in spotlight overseas. From the completion of the first process-wide vehicle manufacturing factory of Chinese brand, to the launch of the first truly global car HAVAL F7, and to the top sales among Chinese auto brands for several months in Russia, HAVAL has been leading the independent overseas development as a pilot.

Today, HAVAL is still aiming for the international market. Just as people are proud of products intelligently made in China, HAVAL officially launched its coupe SUV model HAVAL F7x in Russia, aiming for the global market once again. On November 7, HAVAL brand and Russian media group Mediacrat held the launch event of the High-Energy Hero coupe SUV HAVAL F7x at the Peace Theater in Moscow. HAVAL F7x conquered the nation of warriors with its brilliant charm. With this launch, HAVAL F7x, the second global car of HAVAL, will compete for overseas market, so that Chinese coupe SUV makes its reputation abroad, and HAVAL brand further deepens its globalization.

To truly realize globalization, it must “go into” local markets. This means that to impress overseas consumers and gain a foothold in the market, it needs to really meet the local needs of overseas consumers. Instead of a whim, it’s a premeditation. The launch of HAVAL F7x in Russia is an important decision based on the needs of the Russian market and consumers.

According to Russian media, Russian Internet users spend one-third of their time online on social networking sites, among which VK and Youtube are the most visited social networking sites by young users. In the context of socialization, the younger generation in Russia prefers smarter products with better appearance. They want to express themselves, and they like to follow trends. The sporty body and well-designed and sporty interior are the most appealing features of HAVAL F7x for the nation of warriors. The HAVAL F7x launched in Russia has four body colors, namely LabVader White, Space Black, Moon Shadow Grey and Deep-sea Blue. In terms of intelligence, HAVAL F7x is equipped with a powerful multimedia system with a 7-inch LCD dashboard and a 9-inch multimedia touch screen and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, HAVAL F7x has a length, width and height of 4,620mm, 1,846mm and 1,660mm, and a wheelbase of 2,725mm. There is enough space in the car, even for users with tall and big figures.

SOURCE: Great Wall