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Gireve publishes PNCP, the protocol for accessing its Plug&Charge services

Gireve, the leading platform for electric mobility, has just published details of the PNCP protocol for accessing its Trust services

Gireve, the leading platform for electric mobility, has just published details of the PNCP protocol for accessing its Trust services. This protocol allows operators to deploy the Plug & Charge solution with a high level of security, allowing for ease of integration.

Trust services: ISO-15118 compatible and accessible via open source

Gireve’s Trust services – accessible via the PNCP protocol (Plug and Charge Protocol) – cover the PKI features compatible with a multi-root CA ecosystem and pool services. A testing environment is also available to users. All of these services are compatible with the ISO-15118 standard and the recommendations from the regulatory technical taskforces on standardisation, as well as those from the European Commission.

PNCP is an Open Source protocol (Creative Commons Attribution- NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License), the use of which is open to everybody.

Read the protocol’s details here:

Simplicity and adaptability at the core of how services have been designed

Particular care has been taken with the simplicity of integration through adopting technical and operational concepts used within the electric mobility sector’s standard protocols such as OCPI, but also the cybersecurity standards such as RFC 7030, RFC 8295, and PKIs.

‘‘CPOs, EMSPs and car manufacturers will find all of the things they already have expert knowledge of within PNCP’’ Jean-Marc Rives, Technical Director, Gireve

For Gireve’s technical teams, the objective was to integrate the complex nature of the Plug&Charge and the ISO 15118, and encapsulate it in order to ultimately only expose very simple interfaces. Each participant therefore has only one or two interfaces to implement to make the Plug&Charge work. The PNCP protocol incorporates several principles of the OCPI protocol in order to reduce the cost of implementation. It allows operators to access all of the services required for the implementation of Gireve’s Plug & Charge solution with single sign-on: PKI services (V2G Root CA, Certificate-Provisioning, revocation and renewal), signature services (CPS) and Pool services (Provisioning-certificate-pool, Contract-certificate-pool, RootCA-certificate-pool). Gireve remains attached to the concept of adaptability that has already been demonstrated within our other services, and PNCP also allows for more modular implementations.

‘‘We wanted to bring to the market a protocol that was both secure and dynamic. The implementation of Plug&Charge is getting started and the market is currently making arrangements for that. Since 2018, we have been participating in taskforces (*) to set the best practices and common rules shared by all stakeholders, which brings us visibility on the upcoming developments onto the market. We’ve therefore worked on a protocol which was able to be adapted to the various scenarios, while still upholding our vision of a market that’s open, free, robust and fair.” Margaux Vandeville, Product Director

(*) : Sustainable Transportation Forum, Mobena, CharIN, etc.

SOURCE: Gireve


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