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GAZelle City bus becomes the best commercial vehicle of 2020

GAZelle City won the Bus of the Year award at contest Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia

GAZelle City won the Bus of the Year award at contest Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia. This year, the winners of this prestigious commercial vehicles award were announced online.

The GAZelle City bus was recognized as the best bus of contest Best Commercial Vehicle in Russia. Journalists of professional mass media with the focus on road and commercial vehicles are jury members. The main contest criteria is the contribution of a vehicle or bus into enhancing efficiency of cargo and passenger transportation.

GAZ started production of the GAZelle City bus in spring 2020. It features low floor, a standing area in the middle part of the passenger compartment, a pneumatic floor lowering system, and a wide double-leaf door. This model delivers a high comfort level, particularly for access of limited-mobility passengers to and from the bus.

The bus is designed for transportation of 22 passengers, incl. 17 seats and a standing area for 5 more passengers. GAZelle City design features an original reinforced frame with low entry in the middle, a rear axle with the increased payload capacity, and effective front and rear disk-type brakes. The bus dimensions (with a length of 6,600 mm and a width of 2,510 mm) allow for easy maneuvering on narrow city streets or in a heavy traffic.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

 GAZelle City low-floor bus has become one of the most successful new products of 2020. The increasing demand for such vehicles in Russian cities / towns reflects the growing attention of authorities and carriers to comfort and convenience of limited-mobility passengers, elderly people , and passengers with baby strollers. Our community is paying more and more attention to persons with special needs, and GAZ Group buses provide solutions for such extremely positive changes.


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