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GAZ Group starts sales of GAZelle Next vehicles in Vietnam

GAZ Group, Russia's leading manufacturer, starts sales of GAZelle drop-side vehicles, vans and minibuses in Vietnam

GAZ Group, Russia’s leading manufacturer, starts sales of GAZelle drop-side vehicles, vans and minibuses in Vietnam. The company set up distribution and high-quality servicing of GAZ vehicles in the country. GAZ vehicles are sold in 14 dealerships across Vietnam.

In Vietnam, GAZ Group started sales of its GAZelle Next commercial vehicles incl. panel vans with a volume of 13.5 m3 and a three-seated cab, drop-side vehicles with a GVW of 4.6 t and minibuses with a capacity of 17 and 19 passengers.

The first batch of over 300 vehicles is already delivered to dealerships in Vietnam. The vehicles are certified for compliance with the Vietnamese law. Nine dealerships sell and maintain vehicles from 14 stations all over the country. Dealership network representatives were trained in and certified for the vehicle servicing and maintenance. The central spare parts warehouse was set up in Da Nang to provide a quick spare parts delivery to all service stations.

The GAZelle Next family is a lineup of light commercial vehicles featuring both a high functionality and modern technical sollutions. The vehicle has a frame design delivering a high reliability and an opportunity to operate it in challenging road conditions under a severe load. The front independent wishbone suspension delivers a smooth drive and an excellent control. The steering wheel offers the same info content as the best-in-class global LCVs. The vehicles feature a modern and fuel-efficient diesel engine with a power output of 149 hp. The GAZelle Next cabin exterior parts are fully zink-coated and treated with anti-corrosion compounds. All joints and seals are treated with anti-corrosion coating and special-purpose sealants.

Modern technical solutions, components made by leading global suppliers, and strict quality assurance let the company offer favourable warranty conditions – 3 years or 150,000 km.

Leonid Dolgov, GAZ Group Export Director:

– Today, we started sales of GAZelle Next light commercial vehicles in Vietnam, and our next step is to set up a contract manufacturing of GAZ vehicles and launch medium and large buses to the market. Vietnam is of strategic importance to us from the standpoint of setting up a production site to sell our vehicles in Southeast Asia. Things are not going as fast as we expected but we are on the right track and we are confident about the success of this project. Even the name of our Vietnamese subsidiary may be translated from Vietnamese as “GAZ – Success”. Today, GAZ Next generation vehicles are the most demanded brand among Russian business people. I hope that Vietnamese customers will also appreciate the exceptional functionality and efficiency of our vehicles.

Natalia Varyukhina, General Director of GAZ Thanh Dat in Vietnam:

– Vietnam is the second country after Turkey where we sell GAZ directly instead of involving independent distributors. This allows us to control all processes to the maximum extent to deliver a high level of vehicle maintenance and to deliver vehicle compliance with high quality standards in the event of production localization. Nowadays, we have a great team of Vietnamese employees and Russian GAZ representatives; we have dealership agreements signed with nine Vietnamese vehicle companies that sell and provide servicing and maintenance of GAZ vehicles across the country; we have started preparation of the assembly production. I would also underline that a very friendly and warm attitude of Vietnamese people to our country is an important factor contributing into success of the project. We will do our best to meet expectations of our customers to the Russian product.

Today, GAZ Group team in Da Nang features Vietnamese employees controlling the key fields: sales, marketing, spare parts, service, logistics, finance and accounting, and preproduction.

The GAZ dealership network in Vietnam consists of private automobile companies with a good reputation and experience in the local market. Contact the nearest dealership to buy a GAZ vehicle in Vietnam. See dealership contacts on the website


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