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Garrett Motion highlights importance of advanced cybersecurity software for commercial vehicle fleets at IAA Transportation exhibit in Hannover

Garrett’s cybersecurity solutions help commercial vehicle manufacturers secure their vehicles and meet UNECE R155 regulations

Garrett Motion Inc., a leading differentiated automotive technology provider, will be showcasing its Connected Vehicle software solutions that help automakers effectively secure, optimize, and maintain their fleets at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Hannover.

Garrett’s cybersecurity solutions help safeguard against cyber-attacks, ensure regulatory compliance, and identify root causes to optimize a vehicle’s performance and integrity.

“The importance of our Connected Vehicle software and cybersecurity solutions for trucks is that, in last two years, half of all companies in Germany have been the target of a cyberattack,” said Josh Foster, Garrett’s general manager of Connected Vehicles. “Hackers not only target a company’s internal systems or secrets; cybercrime is extending to vehicles – especially commercial trucks.”

To strengthen roadgoing vehicle security, UNECE and country-specific lifecycle cybersecurity management system regulations are being introduced to manufacturers and suppliers to ensure connected vehicle integrity is protected and continuously monitored. Covering both in-vehicle and cloud, UNECE R155 requires both passenger vehicle and commercial truck manufacturers to select appropriate solutions for end-to-end cybersecurity.

“Historically, trucks have been largely self-contained electronic systems, so protection against external attack was not a significant risk” Foster explained. “However, increasing digitalization and the associated interfaces like Bluetooth, wireless, cameras, sensors, and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are an important part of today’s truck world today are making these highly complex systems more vulnerable to outside cyber-attacks.”

The cybersecurity market is not only driven by EU regulations; in China and Japan, corresponding regulations are also on their way to becoming law and will be introduced as mandatory for manufacturers in the years ahead.

The Garrett cybersecurity management solution consists of four core products:

  • CAN IDS (Intrusion Detection System) – Onboard IDS that monitors CAN traffic and detects or blocks irregularities. IDS also operates independently from the vehicle’s hardware and operating system.
  • Ethernet IDS – Ethernet Firewall and IDS that analyzes and controls Ethernet traffic and blocks malicious messages onboard.
  • Host IDS – Host IDS monitors and detects anomalous cyberattacks on high-performance automotive computers.
  • SOC (Security Operation Center) and (SIEM) – Analytic and forensic tools for the Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Incidents and Events Management (SIEM) that help understand root cause of an onboard alert, saving time and money for OEMs and fleet operators. It combines Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) for real-time analysis of security alerts from source applications and network components. SIEM thus serves the safety of the truck and is a software product that can be installed centrally, analyzing cyber alerts from millions of vehicles.

SOURCE: Garrett Motion

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