Fully battery-electric driven truck for heavy-duty distribution: Mercedes-Benz eActros starts in the Murg valley: emission-free and quiet transportation

Field tests of the 25-tonne eActros from spring 2019 onward with logistics company Logistik Schmitt between Ötigheim and Rastatt

With the fully electric eActros truck, Mercedes-Benz Trucks demonstrates that it is already possible today to complete heavy distribution tasks locally emission-free and quietly in the Murg valley in Southern Germany. The official handover of the eActros to regionally based logistics company Logistik Schmitt took place today on occasion of Daimler Trucks’ annual press conference held at the Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau.

As part of the eWayBW project, commercial transport will be electric on the B462 federal road around Rastatt with the test operation of catenary trucks as of 2020. Whilst preparations for the construction of the necessary infrastructure are still ongoing, the eActros is mobile with its battery-electric drive, fully flexible and in need of only minimal infrastructure; nothing more than a charging station.

From spring of this year, Logistik Schmitt will be operating the eActros in place of a conventional diesel truck as part of a field test transporting transmission housings. The eActros will be tested on an around 7 kilometres stretch in a demanding three-shift system between Logistik Schmitt’s warehouse in Ötigheim and Rastatt’s Mercedes-Benz Gaggenau plant. The daily tour of the 25-tonne truck totals around 168 kilometres.

This represents the kick-off to a series of eActros field tests taking place over several years in the Murg valley and the surrounding region. As a next step, comparative tests with the catenary project will be carried out with an advanced version of the eActros as a semitrailer tractor variant with higher tonnage and range.

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SOURCE: Daimler