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From perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence: 365 days and nights of GWM Coffee Intelligence

GWM has completed the comprehensive upgrade of Coffee Intelligence 2.0. While realizing technological enhancements such as electronic and electrical architecture, smart Cockpit and intelligent driving assistance, GWM has further actualized products and completed an orderly transition from technology to products

With the arrival of the intelligence wave, the global automotive industry is in a critical window period for landscape reshaping. Looking back to 2021, as a member of the race, GWM has completed the comprehensive upgrade of Coffee Intelligence 2.0. While realizing technological enhancements such as electronic and electrical architecture, smart Cockpit and intelligent driving assistance, GWM has further actualized products and completed an orderly transition from technology to products.

With multi-technology breakthroughs, GWM has entered the cognitive intelligence era

The intelligence era not only brings a new direction for the industry, but also puts forward more requirements for the innovation of automobile attributes. In this regard, GWM Coffee Intelligence 2.0 takes “Wisdom, Intelligent connection, Intelligent driving” as its orientation, providing a comprehensive upgrade of electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit technology, thereby redefining the human-vehicle relationship and changing the attributes of an automobile from a “travel tool” to a “smart travel partner” that can think and grow with personality, allowing GWM to step from the perceptual intelligence era into cognitive intelligence era.

As a prerequisite for automotive intelligence and an important part of Coffee Intelligence 2.0, the new electrical and electronic architecture is user-oriented, adopts the SOA concept and opens standard API interfaces, supporting growing functionality and vehicle cloud integration. At the same time, the functional experience innovation and software platform development are integrated to form a growable intelligent architecture that is easy to develop, maintain, expand, upgrade experience, and innovate revenue, which truly achieves “centralization”, “intellectualization” and ” servitization”. The new electrical and electronic architecture of GWM is now in the product development phase. It will be firstly equipped to the new electric and hybrid platform, and will be extended to the whole series of GWM models one after another. In the future, the electronic and electrical architecture of GWM will allow for only one brain in the whole vehicle, and a standardized software platform for the complete vehicle will be fully constructed.

In terms of intelligent cockpit which is more easily perceived by users, GWM proposes “1+2+N” design architecture of travel space. It is based on 1 human-computer interaction design system, using “expandable computing-power hub + self-developed intelligent software” as the 2 growth cornerstones, and eventually achieve N intelligent application scenario services. Catering to the trend of intelligent cockpits evolving from intra-domain integration to cross-domain full-scene integration, GWM also initiated the Coffee Intelligence Co-creation Platform Program. The Program takes GC-OS, the first intelligent cockpit system of GWM, as the platform base and opens over 3,000 callable API interfaces for global developers. This allows developers to participate in the co-creation development of four major areas: intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent services and intelligent connectivity, so as to jointly create rich intelligent vehicle ecological services and meet personalized travel needs of users.

Industry-leading technologies to accelerate intelligent upgrade

As another important indicator to measure the development of automotive intelligence, intelligent assisted driving is also the focus of Coffee Intelligence 2.0.  Thanks to its advantage of scale, GWM has formed a first-mover advantage in the aspect of data scale based on which intelligent assisted driving technology can be developed. It is expected that by 2024, GWM will have sold a total of 5.3 million vehicles with effective data collection functions, reaching an industry-leading level. In this way, a large-scale intelligent assisted driving data warehouse will be established, as a solid foundation for the learning and iteration of intelligent assisted driving technology.

In the meanwhile, GWM also launched IDC 3.0, the third-generation intelligent assisted driving computing platform, which is completely self-developed. The hashrate of a single board reaches 360T and can be continuously upgraded to 1440T, which can effectively support the on-board computing of large AI vision models. In addition, GWM also created the industry’s first dual cognitive intelligence model with CSS model as the core, which can effectively solve the regulation and control issues of  intelligent driving assistance under the unique traffic conditions in China. The model adopts an expert library to define intelligent driving assistance scenarios, and combines  scenario safety factors to apply a data-driven approach to ensure intelligent driving assistance safety.

Multi-vehicle applications to realize a travel life served by technologies

Based on leading technologies, GWM has continuously injected vitality into the industry’s intellectualization process while fully empowering the products and enhancing the intelligent use experience of consumers.

At present, many technologies of Coffee Intelligence 2.0 have been applied to various GWM models. Among them, the intelligent cockpit has now been equipped to WEY Latte DHT, WEY Macchiato DHT, WEY Mocha, HAVAL H6S, HAVAL Shenshou and many other models listed for sale. It provides more convenient interaction and richer functions to achieve a more caring travel space.

At the same time, Coffee Intelligence Driving has also successfully upgraded the intelligent assisted driving functions for many models such as WEY Mocha, HAVAL Shenshou and TANK 300 city edition. Among them, the mileage of WEY Mocha under HWA high-speed driving assistance technology has exceeded 4 million kilometers, which has been widely recognized by consumers. In addition, the NOH Intelligent Pilot Assisted Driving System, which deeply integrates the onboard navigation system, high precision map and HWA highway assisted driving, has been officially launched. It will further enhance consumers’ intelligent driving experience through intelligent entering/exiting ramps, intelligent avoidance of interchanges, intelligent lane change protection, distraction and fatigue monitoring, intelligent avoidance of large vehicles, intelligent identification of confusing intersections and other functions. According to the road test data, NOH system took over 0.73 times per 100 km on average, the success rate of overtaking reached 96.9%, the success rate of tunnel passing reached 95.5%, and the success rate of entering and leaving the highway ramp was 94.8%. The reliability and safety of NOH system is verified through practices and data to safeguard the travel of users.

Thanks to the comprehensive strength of technology and products, GWM Coffee Intelligence 2.0 has been widely recognized not only by the market, but also by the industry authorities. It won many industry awards, including the “2021 OEM Technology Brand Award” and the “Annual Intelligent Connection Innovative Technology Brand Award”.  At the same time, GWM also successfully passed the ASPICE CL2 certification, the German TÜV Rheinland ISO 26262 functional safety management certification, and was the first in China to obtain dual certifications of ISO 27001 and 27701.  The above achievements fully demonstrate the outstanding advantages of GWM in the field of intelligence.

GWM has obtained many industry certifications

In the future, relying on the technical high ground created by the Coffee Intelligence 2.0, GWM will continue to explore deeper in the field of intelligent vehicles.  By the end of 2022, GWM expects to have 34 passenger models equipped with the Intelligent Assisted Driving System, and the number of passenger vehicles equipped with it is expected to exceed 1 million in the next two years.  Meanwhile, GWM will invest a total of CNY 100 billion in R&D by 2025, and continue to make efforts to upgrade automotive technology. As the “digital engine” of GWM’s transformation into a global intelligent technology company, Coffee Intelligence 2.0 will continue to open up the complete chain of technology, products and users, helping to fully achieve the strategic goal of 2025 and create higher value in travel for consumers.


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