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Free2Move arrives in Denver

160 vehicles will be available by the minute, by the day and by the month

A new intelligent mobility service is arriving in Denver on October 27. The car-sharing service, from Free2Move, will make brand-new Jeep® Renegade vehicles available to the people of Denver.

Free2Move: a Mobility Hub

Free2Move is launching its Mobility Hub in Denver, empowering the community with a wide range of vehicle-access solutions united in a single, easy-to-use app. With one click, customers can choose to rent a vehicle by the minute directly in the street or keep the same vehicle for up to seven days, but only pay for the duration of the rental. The Free2Move Mobility Hub also offers its monthly vehicle subscription service, Car On Demand, that includes insurance, maintenance and assistance with no hidden fees. Free2Move services contribute to sustainable mobility in large cities like Denver, by offering solutions that complement public transit needs.

“Denver was carefully chosen to become a Mobility Hub to support the city’s continued focus on intelligent mobility, aiming to provide a more robust shared transportation program,” said Brigitte Courtehoux, Free2Move CEO. “At Free2Move, we are proud and excited to launch this new city and are eager to bring them new mobility solutions in the near future.”

Carsharing: simplify mobility

Over the next few months, Free2Move will ramp up to 160 Jeep vehicles in the “free floating” Mobility Hub that users can access from their smartphones. Rentals are charged either at a rate of $0.49 per minute or $89.99 per day. To celebrate the Free2Move Denver launch, a promotional credit of $50 is offered with code “DENVER” until November 30.

Free2Move vehicles will be available in Denver, which joins Washington, D.C., and Portland as Mobility Hubs.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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