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Ford Pro launches end-to-end charging solution to help customers boost electrified fleet productivity

Ford Pro introduces dedicated electric vehicle charging solution for European customers to meet the needs of commercial vehicle fleets

Ford Pro is launching an integrated charging solution designed to help European customers find the best charging strategy for their electric vehicle fleets, install charging infrastructure, and optimise the vehicle charging process.

Ford Pro Charging is a key component of Ford Pro, and integrates with the other Ford Pro solutions to provide a seamless experience that delivers full control to fleet managers and simplifies charging for drivers – maximising effectiveness and productivity.

To support commercial fleets as they make the complex transition to electric vehicles, Ford Pro Charging’s consultants will work with customers to help them identify the optimum charging solution for their business.

The company offers an end-to-end, bespoke depot solution including hardware installation and management software that helps to optimise the charging process. Simplified billing and administration via Ford Pro Charging software also supports fleets whose drivers take their work vehicle home, as well as streamlining public charging.

“Ford Pro Charging offers fleets a single, integrated solution covering the entire charging process, delivered by a partner they can trust,” said Iza Lozowska, European manager, Ford Pro Charging. “We will work hand-in-hand with them to future‑proof their business by finding the right charging strategy, making the switch to electric vehicles as simple as possible.”

Comprehensive charging solutions, built for business

Ford Pro understands the growing pressure on fleets to electrify – both from companies looking to meet corporate sustainability objectives and from increasingly environmentally-conscious customers. Ford Pro Charging is dedicated to helping customers unlock the business benefits of electrification and guiding them to the most suitable long-term charge solutions for their fleets.

The Ford Pro Charging team features full-time consultants located in the major European markets and dedicated to helping customers implement the optimum charging strategy, based on the unique needs of their business.

Fleet managers can ensure their vehicles are charged and productive using Ford Pro’s E‑Telematics software, which translates key manufacturer-grade vehicle data sent from E‑Transit’s standard FordPass Connect modem 1 into insights and alerts. These include range status with customisable low remaining range alert thresholds; alerts if a vehicle is not charging when it should be; and charge performance insights including kWh consumption, charge speed, and distance to empty.

The system also enables Scheduled Pre-Conditioning, which ensures the E-Transit battery pack is at the optimum working temperature while charging to help maximise available range.

Bespoke depot charging solutions

Ford Pro Charging understands that the most effective fleet charging solution will vary case-by-case. Even customers that have fleet duty cycles and depot facilities that allow on-site charging may find that individual depots within the same fleet have unique requirements.

Ford Pro Charging’s expert consultants work with each depot to identify the most efficient, future-proof charging solution and project-manage the entire planning and commissioning process, meaning even fleets with limited knowledge of electrification options can easily make the switch.

The turnkey, end-to-end service includes designing the solution, working with relevant stakeholders to account for utilities and planning restrictions, installing commercial-grade depot charging hardware and providing servicing and support once the depot charging system is up and running. Hardware installation and maintenance is delivered in partnership with leading installation partners and charger manufacturers.

Once depot charging is active, Ford Pro Charging’s intelligent software can automatically evaluate each individual vehicle’s duty cycle and charge level to manage energy across a depot for optimum efficiency and uptime.

The secure system uses vehicle and charger data to simplify fleet charging by offering fully automated charging to best fit around usage cycles, or supervised charging where operators can schedule charging between pre-selected times or until a certain state of charge is achieved. This can help customers with certain vehicles that are high-priority for an early start, and could potentially lower energy costs for customers who charge their fleet overnight and have time-dependent energy tariffs.

To help operators running mixed fleets, Ford Pro Charging software and equipment is also compatible with other manufacturers’ vehicles.

Simplified home charging

Many fleet drivers take their vans home after shifts, and so will require a charging solution away from the depot. To help operators continue to support drivers following fleet electrification, Ford Pro Charging offers a home charging solution that delivers convenient overnight charging and reduces paperwork for managers and drivers.

When installed at a driver’s home, an unobtrusive Ford Connected Wallbox can charge work vehicles and automatically send charging reports to the fleet manager’s centralised system. A unique fob associated with the vehicle is needed to activate the charger, helping prevent fraud and ensuring that fleet managers only receive relevant charge reports. Ford Pro software can generate usage reports so that reimbursing drivers for home charging is quick and easy. Fleet managers can also remotely check if a vehicle has missed a charge slot at the driver’s home.

Not every fleet driver has a private driveway. However, electric charging points integrated into lampposts and other street furniture are becoming increasingly common. Where drivers can charge near their home without trailing charge cables across public footpaths, they can use the unique fob to charge the vehicle and automatically invoice a company account.

Business-friendly public charging

Ford Pro anticipates that operators will only rarely use public charging to recharge their vehicles while at work. However, to cover all circumstances and offer greater flexibility, the company provides access to Europe’s most comprehensive public charging network, and enables automatic payments and centralised billing using a unique charge card for each van.

With access to a network of over 300,000 chargers across Europe via the fast-growing Blue Oval Charging Network, finding a charger to top up the battery is easier than ever.

To help drivers find charging stations, Ford Charge Assist can be accessed using the touchscreen of Ford’s SYNC 4 2 connectivity and entertainment system. The system can help locate chargers nearby or along a navigation route. To maximise uptime, drivers can see availability, cost, and charging speed before arrival, as well as the minimum charge time needed to reach their destination.


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