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Ford customers are covered with industry-leading electric vehicle charging access – at home and on the road – via FordPass

Ford Charging Solutions ecosystem including FordPass app lets customers easily locate, navigate to, pay for and monitor charging using Europe’s largest public charging network

Ford is putting to bed one of the biggest concerns for electric vehicle owners – that they won’t be able to charge quickly and conveniently – with a comprehensive Ford Charging Solutions ecosystem that will deliver seamless, integrated access to charging at home and across Europe.

Ford customers will be able to use the FordPass app to effortlessly locate, navigate to, pay for and monitor charging at more than 125,000 FordPass Charging Network locations in 21 countries when Ford begins delivery of new all-electric vehicles starting next year – for complete peace of mind on the move.

In addition, Ford’s Connected Wallbox will enable simpler, faster and more affordable charging of Ford electrified vehicles at home.

Ford’s new Mustang-inspired all-electric performance SUV will arrive in 2020, with a targeted pure-electric driving range of up to 600 km (more than 370 miles) according to the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).*

“One of the biggest hold-ups for customers considering an electric vehicle has been the fear of running out of power or the inability to find a place to plug in,” said Ted Cannis, Ford’s director of global electrification. “By offering industry-leading charging access, including the largest network of public charging stations among any automaker, we are dismantling those barriers, allowing more customers to confidently enjoy the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.”

Ford’s charging strategy is two-fold, based on research that shows customers want to know charging is taken care of before purchasing an electric vehicle.

There is at-home charging, where most electric vehicle owners charge their vehicles. Each Ford plug-in electric vehicle will come standard with a Ford Home Charge Cable, capable of charging regardless of power available at the home socket.

Charging at home is as easy as plugging in your smartphone. Ford all-electric vehicles can charge through a domestic power socket or through an optional wall-mounted Ford Connected Wallbox, delivering up to five times the charging power of a typical domestic socket – meaning customers can be sure their Ford electric vehicle will fully recharge overnight.

In partnership with NewMotion and using connectivity delivered by the FordPass Connect on-board modem, the FordPass app will give customers access to the largest – and fast-growing –network of public charging stations in Europe. Customers will be able to seamlessly utilise charging points across many markets, initiating and paying for charging services from a single account for a simplified ownership experience.

Ford also is a founder member and shareholder in the IONITY consortium that aims to build 400 high-power-charging stations in key European locations by end of 2020. This enables a significant reduction in charging times for all-electric vehicles compared with existing systems – ideal for long distance journeys.

Charging with up to 150 kW at an IONITY charging station, the new Mustang-inspired all-electric performance SUV will reach a driving range of up to 93 km (57 miles) within 10 minutes of charge time.

The FordPass mobile app enables drivers to remotely monitor their vehicle’s charge status. A further key feature within FordPass will allow customers to take advantage of FordPass Power My Trip, a trip planner that considers a vehicle’s current state of charge and identifies the right charging points along a route to make the trip as efficient as possible. FordPass will also identify points of interest – such as restaurants or shopping centres – to make the most of a customer’s time while their vehicle is powering up.

In addition, connected navigation functionality delivered by FordPass Connect will enable Ford customers in Europe to push pre-planned routes from their mobile phones or tablets directly to their electric vehicles over-the-air. Driving itineraries created from the comfort of home, the office or coffee shop, will be seamlessly downloaded to the vehicle’s sat-nav, meaning drivers can simply get in and set off on their chosen route.

Simply put: Ford has you covered. Customers will be able to charge at home and away easily and conveniently, all through FordPass.

SOURCE: Ford Motor Company

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