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Florida’s first moped-sharing service launches in Miami this week with Vulog technology

Vulog is providing the technology backbone for Miami’s Dashee, the first moped-sharing service in Florida

The world’s leading shared-mobility technology provider, Vulog, is providing the technology backbone for Miami’s Dashee, the first moped-sharing service in Florida.

Dashee, an all-new start-up in the rapidly growing micro-mobility market, launched in Miami this week with 120 electric mopeds. Users will be able to ride the mopeds on an instant access ‘free-floating’ basis – meaning they can begin and end their ride at locations of their choice – within large ‘home zones’ in the downtown and South Beach areas of the city. 

Vulog is the global leader in shared mobility software, and its advanced technology powers 25 schemes in cities across five continents. Dashee is the first moped-sharing service in the US to be supported by Vulog’s AiMA (Artificial Intelligence Mobility Applied) technology platform. One of the crucial advantages of the AiMA platform is the capability for a user to register with Dashee on their smartphone and gain immediate access to a moped. This makes it incredibly quick for new users to get riding, maximizing its appeal to tourists visiting the city for short periods, as well as locals trying a shared moped for the first time.

“Dashee typifies the entrepreneurial businesses now entering the rapidly growing micro-mobility market,” says Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog. “Fast-moving start-ups need to deploy their schemes quickly to gain a competitive advantage. Enabled and supported by the highly flexible, advanced technology infrastructure of our AiMA platform, Dashee will help change the way people move around Miami.”

The shared mobility movement is ultimately about reducing dependence on private vehicle ownership, and thereby mitigating congestion and pollution in cities.

The AiMA platform’s enhanced set of features is fueled by Vulog’s data insight and artificial intelligence proficiency, developed over 12 years, and by the experience of 25 customer projects that powered 15 million journeys in 2018 alone. Other new features recently added to AiMA include improved predictive demand management, specific electric fleet management enhancements, and the integration of autonomous shared mobility capabilities. 

Vulog already supplies its platform to two moped sharing services in Europe: Troopy in Paris and Poppy in Antwerp – both of which incorporate 150 scooters each. 

In January, Vulog was included in the 2019 Global Cleantech 100, an annual guide to the leading companies and themes in sustainable innovation.


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