Flexibility in times of COVID-19: Mercedes-Benz designo manufaktur produces masks for employees

The Mercedes-Benz designo manufaktur in Sindelfingen manufactures exclusive custom-made and individual interior components for the worldwide vehicle production

The Mercedes-Benz designo manufaktur in Sindelfingen manufactures exclusive custom-made and individual interior components for the worldwide vehicle production. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the daily work routine for tailors and apprentices looks a bit different than usual: for several weeks, they have been producing hand-crafted masks for use by and therefore the protection of their colleagues at European Daimler plants. They are being further supported in this by some of the designo manufaktur apprentices. In this way, employees in Sindelfingen are making a valuable contribution in the fight against the spread of the virus. They also contribute to protective measures for their colleagues during production restart.

“Flexibility is a strategic focus of our production at Mercedes-Benz. I am proud of our designo manufaktur team. Our colleagues acted quickly and flexibly, and are using their capacities to produce masks in these extraordinary times. In this, we are supporting the supply of masks to our employees Europe-wide,” says Jörg Burzer, Member of the Mercedes-Benz AG Board of Management, responsible for Production and Supply Chain Management.

The health and safety of its employees is Daimler’s highest priority. To protect employees, the company has taken precautions to prevent infection and has agreed a comprehensive package of measures with the General Works Council. These include hygiene and cleaning standards, as well as regulations on behavior at the workplace. Where the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, mouth and nose masks must be worn. This also applies in defined areas such as sales shops, factory buses, and the company medical service or in areas with a lot of passenger traffic.

Mercedes-Benz designo manufaktur in Sindelfingen

In the Mercedes-Benz design manufaktur exclusive requirements and individual solutions for seat trim parts, window frames, vanity mirrors, headlining and much more can be covered with leather in different colors, all according to customer requests. Be it through various interior components made of premium nappa leather with fine decorative stitching accented in red, a snow-white interior boot lining, or headrests with a company logo or family coat of arms, the 250 experts at designo Manufaktur in Sindelfingen can transform a high-quality car into a personalized, one-of-a-kind vehicle. As production resumes, mask production will be phased out.

There is no traditional series production at the Mercedes-Benz designo manufaktur, as all components are handcrafted by highly skilled tailors and laminators. They are experienced experts who have superior know-how and many years of professional experience as well as a personal passion for premium craftsmanship and materials.

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SOURCE: Daimler

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