FIAT rewards the most virtuous European drivers of the new 500

KIRI’s “The best drivers of the New 500” eco-contest is over, the 100 most virtuous drivers in Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands receiving €100 of vouchers for the Amazon, Zalando and Apple Music platforms

Launched by FIAT together with the start-up KIRI Technologies and developed in conjunction with the Stellantis e-Mobility department, the innovative “KIRI” project is the first scheme to incentivize the most “eco-virtuous” driving style in the automotive sector. Four months since its market launch, the top 100 best New Fiat 500 drivers in Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands have been awarded with an extra €100 in the form of Amazon, Zalando and Apple Music vouchers.

In the 13 countries where the “KIRI” initiative is available, customers have accumulated 1.5 million KIRI coins, digital coin that can be spent in a dedicated marketplace, to award the most eco-sustainable driving styles among New 500 customers. The KIRI coin accumulated around Europe are equivalent to offsetting 250 tons of CO2, more or less the amount absorbed in a year by 10 hectares of Paulownia trees, the symbol of KIRI Technologies.

Signing up for the initiative is really easy: all you need to do is download the “FIAT” app and register on the KIRI platform. From then on, you can use your app to check the KIRI coin balance you have accumulated by driving the New 500: the more careful and sustainable your driving style, the greater the rewards.

Measured by the eco:Score, driving behavior is evaluated according to the linearity of your driving: the less sudden braking and acceleration and the greater the capacity to maintain a constant speed and ride the green wave in city traffic, the greater the range of the New 500’s battery.

The eco:Score function forms part of Uconnect™ Services, assigning a score from 0 to 100 for the efficiency of your driving style. This helps drivers to improve energy consumption in real time and thus to increase the car’s range.

But that’s not all: the higher the eco:Score, the more KIRI coin you accumulate. In urban traffic, with an average eco:Score and mileage of about 10,000 km per year, customers can accumulate up to €150 in the form of KIRI coin.

In the last few days, the contest for the best New 500 drivers has ended. Launched in March, it gave the green light for the “KIRI” project. To further stimulate an eco-friendly driving style that optimizes the car’s energy consumption, a contest was set up with an extra prize of €100 for drivers who could achieve the highest eco:Score.

Analysis of driving styles, using the eco:Score, showed that registered KIRI users in Italy achieved an average of 10 points more than unregistered users. The most virtuous drivers in the contest also gained 10 more points than the average among the KIRI community. The best drivers in the community therefore took a total of about 20 points more than the average for unregistered drivers. This translates into a comparable impact on range and charging costs.

The New 500 – a constantly connected, zero-emissions icon of a car – is therefore the ideal solution for sustainable mobility, incentivizing its users with a rewards system for driving styles respectful of the environment.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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