Fiat is empowering its presence in car sharing in Paris by equipping Free2move with the iconic new 500e

Thanks to the collaboration between Fiat and Free2move, it is possible to drive the iconic New 500e in Paris with Free2move's car-sharing service

Fiat is playing its role in developing a sustainable mobility for the cities with its electric New 500. The Brand’s flagship is already the second most sold EV vehicle in the Top 10 European markets and thanks to the collaboration with Free2move, it is now possible to drive Fiat’s electric icon in Paris with the F2M’s car sharing service. Thanks to the integration of SHARE NOW vehicles and technology into the Free2move app, in fact, customers have access to a wider variety of vehicles, including 305 Fiat New 500e. This allows them to reserve and book a New 500e by the minute or for different hours in just a few clicks.

The value of this synergy is increased by two important features: the plug-in to Belib’, the Paris’ EV Charging Network application, which allows users to connect cars for charging without any additional costs, just by using the cables provided in the car, and the option of extending the car-sharing period from one to twenty-eight days.

A collaboration, between Fiat and Free2move, stemming from a common goal: to build an increasingly sustainable urban mobility ecosystem as part of their mission to make EVs more accessible.

Fiat’s DNA can be summed up in the claim “It’s only green when it’s green for all”, and the expansion of the collaboration in Paris is another step towards this vision. After all, the daily work of Fiat, as an automobile manufacturer, is to rethink city driving and make it more sustainable and accessible to all and the 500e is the perfect game changer in the urban electric and sustainable mobility.


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