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Experiencing new vogue of World Cup: Chery builds new model for crossover marketing

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has been wrapped up.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has been wrapped up. France known as Gallic rooster won the World Cup for the second time since 1998, creating glory and brilliance. As an outstanding internationalized Chinese auto brand, Chery invited over 70 owners and dealers from its 10 key overseas markets, for a “Fun to Russia” World Cup journey. As another major move of Chery to continue deepening sports marketing, this further enhanced its brand influence and appeal in overseas markets.


Since its entry into Russia, one of its major overseas strategic markets, Chery has earned high praise from locals by its outstanding products and services. For example, Chery’s Tiggo series has been highly favored by locals for its exquisite appearance, utility space, good driving fun and strong power. With over 200,000 units possessed in Russia, Chery is currently ranked first in cumulative sales among Chinese auto brands in Russia and has been the “Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand” in Russia for three consecutive years. While achieving brilliant results in Russia, Chery has achieved frequent successes in other overseas markets. It has been China’s largest passenger vehicle exporter for 15 consecutive years and won a lot of awards inoverseas market, which is the outcome of Chery’s efforts to deepen the globalization strategy and operate steadily.

Chery has been ahead of other Chinese auto brands in overseas brand innovation and marketing. Actually, before entering every market, Chery will conduct a series of characteristic marketing campaigns according to local market conditions and consumer attributes. As the common interest and language of all mankind, football has been an important means of overseas marketing for Chery. Besides, sportsmanship highly tallies with Chery’s brand connotation of pursuing technology and quality. After years of practice, Chery has become a pacesetter in overseas sports marketing. Chery sponsored the Chilean National Team in 2013; organized the “Search for 11 Players” event during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil; organized the “Crazy football” event worldwide in the lead up to Copa America; and sponsored “Argentine Primera División” and Egyptian Premiere League in 2016; sponsored the famous South American football club-Universidad Católica de Chile for two consecutive years; and sponsored Copa Argentina once again…These diverse sports marketing campaigns have earned Chery favor and recognition from global consumers, as well as outstanding reputation and wide praise in the international market.

Chery’s innovative sports marketing campaigns in overseas markets over the past decade have made its brand image go deep into the hearts of all sports-loving consumers, and shown the great vitality of Chinese auto brands. In the future, Chery will organize more diverse brand marketing campaigns closer to consumers, and offer outstanding products and services, in an effort to become a renowned international auto brand trusted and favored by global consumers.

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