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Evolution of the Bosch DAS 3000 calibration device for driver assistance systems

Reduced set-up time, user-friendly routines with maximum positioning and measurement accuracy

As more and more vehicles are equipped with camera/radar-based driver assistance systems, automotive workshops see increasing demand for recalibration of these systems after performing repair or maintenance tasks. Therefore, Bosch developed the computer-based DAS 3000 calibration and adjustment device for the calibration of driver assistance systems of all popular vehicle.

Bosch now implemented a series of modifications and improvements in order to make the DAS 3000 calibration routines even faster and more user-friendly. New wheel clamps reduce the set-up time and maximize the measurement accuracy. A new graphical user interface allows even faster routines and intuitive operation. For distance measurements, referencing the bumper a new adapter ensures accurate and quick measurement in line with the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications. Existing systems can be updated by means of an upgrade kit. The devices and upgrades are available from September 2020.

Robust wheel clamps for accurate positioning on 14- to 24-inch rims

The DAS 3000 innovations reduce the setup time for the alignment by 30 percent. This is due, among other new features and uprades, to the new wheel clamps. Their robust frame is equipped with a socket for the installation of calibration targets and a circular level for exact centering on the wheel. Two retention arms fix the frame onto the wheel, a crossbar with sliding cylinders ensure consistent contact on the tire sidewall. These universal wheel clamps can be used universally for all rim sizes reaching from 14 to 24 inches. Even in case of extreme softline rims, they allow accurate positioning without damaging the rim flange. The DAS 3000 trolley is suitable to store the wheel clamps with the calibration targets.

The new graphical user interface for intuitive operation enhances the user friendliness and the system’s measurement accuracy. To achieve this, the menu navigation was revised, together with adjustments to the user instructions and screen presentations to reflect recent user study results. The alignment process is optimized by graphical animations showing the current position of both, DAS 3000 and its target position, with improved digital representation of distance, yaw angle and lateral offset values. Distance measurement with a front wheel reference is now improved using the new wheel clamps which are particularly convenient whenever the system is used in combination with lifts.

Bumper position measurement adapter

The DAS 3000 also benefits from the development of a new adapter which offers safe, damage free contact with the vehicle bumper. This measurement aid is attached to the front of the calibration frame. The adapter features a total height of 800 millimeters and is covered with soft rubber elements to allow positioning right on the vehicle bumper or front without running any risk of damaging the vehicle. The distance plate is designed for alignment on flat floor areas, but it can also be used on surface mounted lifts. Especially in case of front-camera calibration on Kia/Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this adapter allows a significant reduction in the calibration time. Moreover, it is well-suited for front radar calibration on VAG, BMW and Nissan vehicles. In these cases, the bumper represents a clear reference point while vehicle-specific distances of hidden radar sensors are displayed by the software.

The DAS 3000 calibration device can be used flexibly on all workstations set up according to the manufacturer specifications, on headlight test bays and on ground-mounted lifts. The system is managed by means of a workshop computer running Bosch ADAS positioning software and Esitronic 2.0 Online software in combination with Bosch diagnostic testers. Using different calibration targets, DAS 3000 is well-suited for calibration tasks on all common vehicle makes.


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