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European expansion: Aiways expands Technical Center in Munich

Zeeshan Shaikh heads the Technical Center of Aiways Automobile GmbH in Munich for the Overseas Markets

The legal requirements for automobiles differ significantly from country to country. These range from emission classes to mandatory driver assistance systems and noise standards. In order to be able to adapt the vehicles to the respective market in the best possible way, Aiways operates a Technical Center in Munich which is headed by Zeeshan Shaikh, an engineer with Aiways experience.

With his profound experience in the automotive industry, Zeeshan Shaikh, who has already worked for Valeo, the predecessor of the Stellantis Group, and most recently the BMW Group, is the ideal candidate to head Aiways’ Technical Center in Munich. The e-mobility expert, whose expertise includes not only Automotive Hybrid & Electric Powertrains, but also the certification of high-voltage systems and the simulation, calibration and validation of individual vehicle systems through to complete vehicle testing.

“We are proud to have Zeeshan Shaikh leading our Technical Center and driving its expansion. With his highly specialized education in India and France and over ten years of experience in the automotive industry, he is the perfect development interface with our teams in Shanghai,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. “In particular, the increasingly complex legal requirements and the high pace of development in the electromobility sector demand a smart strategy in engineering for the highest product quality, which we can now roll out optimally with the Technical Center in Munich.”

Short distances and flat hierarchies: The Aiways Technical Center in Munich

Shaikh’s international team consists of up to 30 engineers, technicians, product managers and in direct cooperation with after-sales specialists. Together, they are responsible for adapting the newly developed Aiways vehicles for the European market and for the continuous further development of vehicles already on sale. The short lines of communication and flat hierarchies at the European headquarters in Munich are a great advantage here. Therefore, all departments are always in direct coordination with each other, which results in a fast pace and high efficiency. The time difference to the colleagues in Shanghai is used to our benefit. For example, new data statuses of the colleagues from China are sent at the end of their working day so that validation and testing can be carried out in Munich throughout the day and vice versa. Any changes and improvements can then be incorporated into development for the next working day in China, i.e. overnight in Munich.

Attractive working environment: rapidly growing model range and high level of personal responsibility

The working methodology of intercontinental collaboration is ideally suited to the rapidly growing model range. Following the success of the Aiways U5 SUV, the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé is now the second model in the starting blocks. In the future, one new or completely revised model will be added each year, which will result in a corresponding demand for personnel at the Munich location. That is why Zeeshan Shaikh is confident that Aiways is an attractive employer not only for young graduates but also for experienced developers: “We at Aiways are a young and agile team. Our vehicles are built on an innovative platform that offers almost limitless development possibilities in all dimensions. This technical freedom coupled with the high level of personal responsibility in the projects ensures great motivation for all team members.”

SOURCE: Aiways

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