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Environmentally-friendly investment by Grudziądz in Solaris e-buses

17 Solaris e-buses will join the public transport fleet in the city of Grudziądz in the first quarter of 2023

17 Solaris e-buses will join the public transport fleet in the city of Grudziądz in the first quarter of 2023. As a result of a tender held by the local operator, MZK Grudziądz, Solaris will supply the city not only with innovative vehicles, but also with the respective charging infrastructure. Once the contract is completed, about 25% of the bus fleet in Grudziądz will be electric.

On 1 April 2022, the board of the operator Miejski Zakład Komunikacji in Grudziądz and representatives of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. signed a contract for the delivery of 17 electric buses. The tender has opened a new, electric chapter in the history of the city’s public transport. Importantly, the contract covers not only the delivery of the vehicles, but also of the charging devices, including pantograph chargers. The buses and the charging infrastructure will be delivered to the city in the first quarter of 2023. Thank to this impressive investment, worth of over PLN 40 million, about 25% of the bus fleet in Grudziądz will be emissions-free.

The municipal operator has opted for Urbino 12 electric buses, the most popular models in Solaris’s emission-free portfolio. At present, Solaris e-buses ply routes in 19 countries and almost 100 towns and cities. Soon, this esteemed group will welcome Grudziądz.

“I am really glad to have signed the agreement and I expect it to be smoothly implemented. The purchase of 17 electric buses by the municipal company will certainly improve many aspects of life in our city. Above all, it is yet another step towards green solutions, something which directly enhances the quality of the air we breathe. We consistently care for the environment and the purchase of these vehicles perfectly fits into our pro-environment policy”, said Maciej Glamowski, mayor of Grudziądz.

“We are very glad that through this investment we are able to contribute to reducing exhaust emissions in Grudziądz. The first electric buses will be put into regular service at the end of the first quarter of 2023. At the same time, the 17 oldest vehicles in our fleet will be decommissioned. The purchase of 17 emission-free electric buses, 5 fast pantograph chargers and 9 plug-in depot chargers will be financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection as part of the Green Public Transport (edition I) programme”, added Paweł Maniszewski, CEO of the municipal transport operator Miejski Zakład Komunikacji in Grudziądz.

“I am extremely happy to be able to see e-mobility being deployed in the city of Grudziądz. This bold investment by the city authorities is the best proof that city residents and their quality of life are put first and foremost. I strongly believe that e-mobility is a road leading to the future and to a clean, sustainable city. The fact that our company can be part of the history of innovative transport in Grudziądz makes me extremely proud“, said Petros Spinaris, member of the Management Board of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o., for Sales, Marketing and After Sales.

The completely emission-free Urbino 12 electrics set to join the city fleet will draw energy from batteries with a capacity of over 250 kWh. Their energy storage facilities are adapted to low power charging using a plug-in connector as well as fast Opportunity Charging. The city will have at its disposal 9 depot chargers and 5 chargers with an inverted pantograph installed at the charging station and lowered onto the bus. The drive unit will be a 180 kW central motor.

Passengers will certainly appreciate all the benefits of an electric bus, such as the lack of emissions and the engine’s quiet operation. The spacious air-conditioned interior of the vehicles will feature a top-notch passenger information and video monitoring system. The vehicle offers 26 seats on board. For even more passenger comfort, the Urbino electric buses will be fitted with USB charging ports.

What is more, the carrier has also taken significant steps to ensure safety. The Solaris e-buses will be fitted with a blind spot monitoring system that uses ultrasonic sensors to warn the driver about any objects located there.

The 17 commissioned Urbino 12 electric buses will be the first electric buses on the public transport map of Grudziądz. Solaris is now one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe of zero-emission public transport vehicles. Poland is an extremely important market for the bus maker when it comes to sales of its electric buses. Almost half of all Solaris buses purchased by Polish carriers in 2021 are electrically-powered.

SOURCE: Solaris

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