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Engineering Union protects interests of the Russian auto industry and helps AvtoVAZ develop suppliers

AvtoVAZ President and member of the Bureau of Engineering Union addressed a meeting of the managing body of the Russian Engineering Union

AvtoVAZ President and member of the Bureau of Engineering Union addressed a meeting of the managing body of the Russian Engineering Union. Manager of major Russian carmaker reported on his work in the function of a member of the Bureau of Engineering Union and touched upon the situation of the Russian auto industry.

Under the supervision of Maksim Sokolov and with active support of the leadership of the Republic, Ingushetia constructed and launched a regional branch of Engineering Union. The regional unit in the Chechen Republic, which will soon include one of the key local enterprises representing auto industry, is being developed as well.

Work of the regional branch in Saint Petersburg, with Maksim Sokolov being a curator here as well, is paid significant attention to. As is known, new Lada brand cars to start soon rolling off the assembly line of the local AvtoVAZ Group plant. Cooperation opportunities with auto component suppliers from Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region are actively working out for tasks of the main Togliatti-based production line and for localization plans at the plant in the Northern Capital. Local branch of Engineering Union renders AvtoVAZ every assistance in this work.

Engineering Union Committee on cooperation development and auto industry localization, uniting major Russian auto component suppliers, jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and Industrial Development Fund started working out initiatives on further improvement of preferential loan issue mechanisms for localization projects.

In his report on the situation in the Russian auto industry Maksim Sokolov told about the fulfillment of aims AvtoVAZ set earlier and future plans of the plant. Thus, the flagship Lada Vesta NG cars went into production on March 3, 2023 Largus production start is being actively prepared, work on the Russian e-Largus EV, the pilot batch of which to be assembled in Izhevsk till late year, is being continued.

Jointly with partners from friendly countries, AvtoVAZ is preparing to start car production at the former Nissan plant in Saint Petersburg in second quarter of this year. The Company intends to produce several new Lada brand cars in the popular C and D segments. AvtoVAZ is going to produce around 400K cars in 2023.Maksim Sokolov paid special attention to measures of domestic market protection , which to make investments in the car and auto component production inside Russia more profitable, than the ready-made vehicle imports. AvtoVAZ is for returning of the scrappage fee protective role. To do this, it is necessary to index it and comply with the current economic realities. The Company also underlines that this measure should not affect individuals importing cars into Russia for personal use. AvtoVAZ would also support further adjusting of demand promoting mechanisms on the Russian market (including preferential car loan) and state purchase regulations to aim these measures on sales support of exactly high localized cars.


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