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Empowering customers: A year of major advances in Mobilisights’ mobility data

Revolutionizing mobility with real-time data, Mobilisights enhances fleet and consumer experiences including those of EV drivers

Mobilisights is transforming the field of connected vehicle applications, showcasing the extensive impact Stellantis vehicle data has in smart solutions, and enhancing efficiencies for the entire automotive ecosystem.

One year ago, Mobilisights was created to leverage exclusive access to embedded data across the 14 iconic Stellantis brands, enabling a smarter world. Over the past year, Mobilisights has created innovative solutions and secured strategic agreements.

In terms of product assessment, Mobilisights has developed or evolved five major data packages to meet the needs of its clients. Mobilisights has created evolving data packages for fleets for clients in Europe and North America, as well as data packages to develop customized insurance offers, and finally a data streaming offer to manage the charging of electric vehicles efficiently. All these solutions enable Mobilisights to address numerous use cases for rental companies, telematic service providers or EV partners, giving value to everyone on the road.

Rental companies benefit from Mobilisights’ seamless fleet management solutions, controlling fuel management and optimizing their operations with real-time data, crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Telematic service providers use Mobilisights’ robust data streams to improve fleet management. With access to granular vehicle data, these providers have transformed the way fleets operate, ensuring efficiency, safety, and sustainability are at the core of their services.

Real-time data from connected vehicles, like odometer and acceleration, enables insurance companies to offer personalized products, rewarding safe driving. This driver data, with consent, is analyzed to create offers based on driving style, enriching vehicle ownership with Mobilisights’ data.

Mobilisights’ data also empowers businesses to develop intuitive applications for electric vehicle owners, simplifying the management of EV logistics from charging to cost tracking, all while enhancing the user’s experience.

Mobilisights is actively working on providing anonymized data contributions, which are crucial in enhancing transportation infrastructure. This effort is aimed at creating safer roads and more adaptive traffic systems, ultimately benefiting all road users.

“We’ve translated data into progress, enabling a more connected world, and our journey is just starting,” said Sanjiv Ghate, CEO of Mobilisights. “I have seen the impact we have been able to achieve with our customers in creating a safer and more efficient ecosystem. We’re not just moving, we’re leading the way for a smarter world together and pioneering the future of mobility, one data point at a time.”

Mobilisights is actively collaborating with several dozens of customers, from industry leaders to innovative startups, including Free2move, Geotab, Guidepoint Systems, Echoes, Ocean-Orange Business, Webfleet, MotorQ, CerebrumX, Axa for Stellantis insurance, EEVEE, 2hire, highlighting its commitment to enhanced safety, efficiency, and customer focus in mobility services through data. As Mobilisights, an innovative part of the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, celebrates its first year, it is also underlining its commitment to continued leadership in innovating and shaping the future of mobility.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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