Electric, innovative and sustainable: ŠKODA showcases visions of the future for China at Auto Shanghai 2019

ŠKODA VISION iV is the carmaker’s next step towards e-mobility in China

ŠKODA intends to continue its success story in its most important single market by entering the e-mobility sector, which is growing rapidly – particularly in China. At Auto Shanghai 2019 (16 to 25 April), ŠKODA will be presenting the VISION iV and the KLEMENT two-wheel concept, thus unveiling its dynamic, innovative and sustainable vision of the future for the Chinese market. The booming SUV segment offers ongoing growth potential. China is the only market in which ŠKODA offers four different SUV models – the KODIAQ GT top model, the KODIAQ as well as the entry-level models KAROQ and KAMIQ. Other highlights: in celebration of the first OCTAVIA from 1959 turning 60, ŠKODA will be displaying its icon at Auto Shanghai.

Bernhard Maier, ŠKODA AUTO CEO, said, “We deliver every fourth ŠKODA to China. It is our most important single market. Last year, we increased our deliveries there by 4.9% to 341,000 vehicles and we thus exhibited stronger growth than the overall market. I’d like to thank all of our customers in China for placing their trust in our products. Our SUV campaign is a key success factor. All four SUVs – the KAMIQ, KAROQ, KODIAQ and KODIAQ GT – have been very well-received amongst our customers in China. For us, this is a great incentive to make the ŠKODA brand even more well-known, popular and successful in China.”

At this year’s Auto Shanghai, ŠKODA is presenting itself as electric, innovative and sustainable. With the VISION iV and the KLEMENT, ŠKODA is offering exciting prospects for an electric future. Furthermore, the car manufacturer will also be showcasing its entire SUV family: the ŠKODA KODIAQ GT, KODIAQ, KAROQ and KAMIQ.

The VISION iV provides a concrete look ahead at a future production vehicle. The brand’s first all-electric model to be based on the modular electric car platform will be launched in Europe as early as 2020. In consultation with the joint venture partner SAIC Volkswagen, intensive work is also already being carried out regarding entry into the Chinese market. At the same time, ŠKODA is to continue its steady growth trajectory there, primarily with models in the SUV segment, which offers further growth potential. ŠKODA recently celebrated a special milestone in this segment: the 22 millionth ŠKODA produced since the company was founded in 1895 was a ŠKODA KODIAQ GT manufactured in China.

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