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Dongfeng Mach Electric hybrid DH-i makes powerful! Mach Power is again listed in the top ten engines of the ‘China Heart’ honorary award

On November 6th, the 2023 "Chinese Heart" Top Ten Engines and Hybrid Systems selection list, hosted by China's "Automobile and Sports" magazine, was officially announced.

On November 6th, the 2023 “Chinese Heart” Top Ten Engines and Hybrid Systems selection list, hosted by China’s “Automobile and Sports” magazine, was officially announced. The DONGFENG MAGE equipped with the Mach Electric Hybrid DH-i hybrid system achieved outstanding performance and won high praise.

The Mach Electric Hybrid DH-i hybrid system adopts an industry-first “series-parallel + power split” configuration. By seeking breakthroughs in innovative configurations, it creatively applies power splitting to gear shifting, achieving seamless shifting without using a clutch or complex shifting mechanisms. This system can achieve the ultimate balance of fuel consumption, power, NVH, and other performance aspects across all road conditions and speeds. It represents the most challenging hybrid technology path recognized within the industry. In this evaluation, it received unanimous recognition from the judges.

The “Chinese Heart” annual Top Ten Engines and Hybrid Systems selection, alongside the “Ward’s Ten Best Engines” and “International Engine of the Year,” is recognized as one of the world’s three principal engine evaluations. It is the most influential automotive evaluation event in China, witnessing the historical development of Chinese automotive power and enjoying high industry recognition. In the prestigious Hall of Fame of the “Chinese Heart” Top Ten Engines, Dongfeng Mach Power has repeatedly received awards and accolades.

In 2020, the Dongfeng Mach Power 1.5T engine was awarded the of “Chinese Heart 2020 Top Ten Engines” for its superior performance, surpassed vehicles in the same class and rivaled those of joint-venture vehicles. In the 2021 “Chinese Heart” Top Ten Engine selection, the Mach Power MHD hybrid system, with its four major technological highlights—speed, fuel efficiency, quietness, and harshness—embarked on a transformative path for independent brand power technology, once again winning the honor of “Chinese Heart 2021 Top Ten Engines”. This year, the Mach Electric Hybrid DH-i hybrid system again secured the “Top Ten” award, fully showcasing Dongfeng Mach Power’s profound technical strength.

In February of this year, the all-new Dongfeng Mach Power 1.5T hybrid engine was awarded the authoritative “Energy Efficiency Star” recognition by the China Automotive Technology Research Center, achieving a thermal efficiency of 45.18%. This accomplishment made it the first hybrid gasoline engine in the Chinese automotive industry to break through the 45% thermal efficiency certification, once again setting a new industry record and showcasing Dongfeng’s independently developed power, international first-class, and industry-leading core strength.

SOURCE: Dongfeng

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