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Dongfeng full range of new products unveiled at 2020 Beijing International Auto Show

With the theme of "Dongfeng Intelligence · Towards the Future", Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. brings its thirteen subsidiaries participated in the exhibition

On September 26, 2020, the 16th China-Beijing International Auto Show opened.

With the theme of “Dongfeng Intelligence · Towards the Future”, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. brings its thirteen subsidiaries participated in the exhibition, including Dongfeng Aeolus, Dongfeng Joyear, Dongfeng Glory, Dongfeng VOYAH, Dongfeng Venucia, Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicles, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, and Dongfeng Peugeot , Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Kia , Dongfeng Infiniti.

Dongfeng Motor Booth displays a total of 14 Dongfeng brand passenger vehicles, 2 driverless vehicles, 1 concept model, 4 sets of powertrains. The new brand VOYAH released this year also brings two vehicles, one platform and one smart cockpit. Many new technologies, new products and new experiences present Dongfeng’s forward-looking ideas and innovative achievements in the field of intelligent networking and electrification from multiple perspectives.

In the field of Dongfeng brand passenger vehicles, Dongfeng has now established a mature brand layout of “Dongfeng Aeolus, Dongfeng Joyear, Dongfeng Glory plus Dongfeng Venucia”. At the exhibition, the representative achievements of independent research and development were unveiled uniformly, showing the strong independent development strength of Dongfeng.

Dongfeng Aeolus’s two newly upgraded blockbuster models – AX7 PRO and Yixuan Track Edition, along with Yixuan GS , Yixuan EV and Yixuan CTCC racing car, a total of 4 models, including 5 vehicles were unveiled, with more powerful product line for brand rejuvenation.

The powerful upgrade of 2021 AX7 PRO targeting to smart SUV not only carries over the excellent performance and hard-core quality of AX7 models, but also enriches and strengthens innovative technologies such as L2+ intelligent assisted driving and Wind  5.0 AI car system, which brings unprecedented driving pleasure and opens a new era of human-vehicle interconnection. Yixuan Track Edition opens a new realm of driving pleasure through comprehensive innovations in appearance, interior, intelligence, and safety, creates a more intelligent and passionate car experience, and comprehensively meets the personalized and diversified demand of young consumer groups. The Yixuan-EV, as a pure electric and smart car, has four core advantages of multiple dimension, high energy, pleasure and eye catching. Moreover, it boasts high technologies like i-TMS smart temperature-control and heat management technology to effectively improve its endurance mileages in winter.

On the scene, Dongfeng Glory compact SUV – Glory 500 was launched successfully. The model has extraordinary space, dual colored body with suspension roof, and fashionable design. Its performance package, intelligent package, comfort package, etc. and their combinations suit for different customers’ needs.

The Dongfeng Glory 580 Star version comes with new generation of MY FENGON – super IoI system, which provides 8 classes with 155 voice-control functions, including the sunroof, trunk door, music, remote-control windows, A/C, etc.

In the Auto Show, the debut launched Dongfeng Joyear M7 REV is the first range-extended business MPV in China, the pioneer in the business-trip field.

Venucia Star targeting A+ first-class SUV, satisfies customers’ new needs in the intelligent-era, and integrates the genes of global-technology, joint-venture quality and the high value of Chinese market. It is equipped with 15.6″ smart central touch screen, AR smart navigation, W-HUD smart HUD and other features, and boasts “new design”, “coalition tech”, “smart-fun technology”, “skip-level comfort” – four major advantages.

Dongfeng Rich 6 off-road version is specially made for customers with off-road hobbies, M9T diesel engine provides powerful drive, and is capable of conquering steep slops and large gaps. The roof-rack, anti-roll rack and other off-road configurations enhance the model’s practicability and convenience, leading the Chinese pick-up culture as “the initiator of new pick-up life”.

Meanwhile, Dongfeng Glory ix7, Dongfeng Joyear 3.0 strategic model – Joyear T5L, Dongfeng warrior- the armored off-road raider, Dongfeng hydrogen vessel AX7-FCV – the self-made hydrogen fuel-all vehicle are exhibited. This shows the powerful strength of Dongfeng in all kinds of fields.

Besides the  vehicles, in the Auto Show, Dongfeng also displays series of powertrains. High-tech turbocharging direct fuel injection engine C15TDR has 41.07% thermal efficiency, setting a new standard of Chinese brand engines; the new generation of high-tech turbocharging direct fuel injection engine C10TDR is designed only for hybrid-power vehicles, which learns the development experience of Dongfeng “Chinese heart” top 10 engines, and has very high fuel economy performance to provide better driving experience. The first Dongfeng self-developed high integration, multi-mode hybrid drivetrain system HD120, suits for PHEV, HEV, pure electric…etc 5 modes.

Following the industry revolution trend, Dongfeng also sets up an “Wisdom tide of Rubik’s cube” mutual experience space, Sharing-City sandplay, Aeolus Yixuan CTCC car and its racing simulation…etc.

The Chairman and Party Secretary of Dongfeng, Mr. Zhu Yanfeng says “The products showed on the scene, expressed the understanding and thinking of DONGFENG about auto life in the future, showed exploration and practice of Dongfeng’s effort to integrate the technology and market’s demands in the new technology and industry revolution, and also the responsibility of Dongfeng to the lead the innovation trends of self-development in auto industry,

For now the technology and auto industry develop rapidly. Under the pressure of the dual upgrading of consumption pattern and auto industry, it’s imperative that Dongfeng brand grows stronger and  the self-owned brand develops to a higher level.

In the Beijing Auto Show, Dongfeng Aeolus launched the new slogan of “Enjoy the driving experience, along with Dongfeng Aeolus”, and the new brand  ive of “the Pioneer in the fun-driving experience”. Dongfeng Aeolus racing team excellently prized in the 2017 GPGP and 2019 CTCC racing events. The Debut of Dongfeng Yixuan won multiple champions in CTCC of 2019.

“The drivers of the racing car are also the engineers and developer from Dongfeng technology center, they drive their own-designed products on the racing field. This shows their confidence in the qualities and the technology of Dongfeng vehicles, and this also enhanced the consumers beliefs in Dongfeng products,” Mr. Zhu Yanfeng said.

Dongfeng aimed for the high-end new energy products, recently it launched “VOYAH” successfully, a new concept vehicle “VOYAH iFree” launched in the auto show right after the debut of “VOYAH” concept vehicle “iland”, which was launched globally two months ago, this model has aerodynamic appearance. The front face of vehicle is like the Kun Peng, one of Chinese Legend bird about to spread the wings, its details showed “simply, clam and elegant”  feeling ,which fits into new majority consumers’ “Free as will, continuously exploration ,elegant Intelligence” individual of features.

d on this model, one new mid-large electric SUV, which aims to provide “Anxiety-Free, highly intelligent service”, will be launched next year. This will meet the consumers expectations of gorgeous looking, high performance, super intelligent with good quality. This will open the new era of high-end electric SUV market.

Except the concept vehicle,“VOYAH”, also has the new energy powertrain solution of “VOYAH”  MPV, multi-scenes In the pure electric and extend-range choice and the newly designed “VOYAH” Intelligent cabin and “ESSA” protogenetic smart electric power chassis, which are designed to suit the characters of electrical vehicles, perfectly shows the cutting-edge trend of the Interaction between man and elbow in 5G era  In the experience field when the driver approach “VOYAH” vehicle, the lights turns on the door handle popped out and the height of the car body adjust automatically

At the on-site experience, when any driver approaches to the VOYAH, car lights will be illuminated, the door handle will automatically pop out, and the car body height will be adjusted at meantime. When you are sitting in the intelligent cockpit of VOYAH, the 3D Body ID can identify the driver’s identity, and automatically adjust seats and in-car electronic devices, so that you can have an immersive driving experience. Gesture control, voice control, Touch PAD, intelligent touch screen and other smart interactive ways make the interaction between human and vehicle more diversified. In addition, access to 5G network can realize a variety of internet-connected entertainment in car. In the future, breakthrough technology boundaries, electroencephalogram signal detection technology will also help to open a new chapter of human-vehicle interaction.

From 2021, many forward-looking technologies of VOYAH will be implemented rapidly, and each year VOYAH will have at least one model launch in the market. In the next three to five years, The products of VOYAH will cover several market segments such as sedan, SUV and MPV, and expand to high-end electric vehicles.

In the future, with the vigorous development of intelligent technology, the Internet of Everything will be upgraded to Internet of Intelligence, and Dongfeng will actively follow this trend and promote the formation of a sustainable intelligent ecology.

The trend of automotive industry, which involves the lightweight, electrified, intellectualized, connected, shared concepts integrated into the car, and combinations of four network (highway, energy, information and financial) is profoundly followed. Dongfeng brought Sharing – City sandplay into the Auto Show, along with Sharing – Smart series products such as auto-patrol car, auto-sweeper car equipped with the L4 autopilot and two sets of 5G parallel driving scheme, revealing the new achievements of intelligent ecological construction.

Sharing-City sandplay is highly integrated with the whole scene of unmanned community services, which is a miniature of the smart ecology and connected city created by Dongfeng. Dongfeng Sharing – VAN applies SPRT (quick personal sharing system) technology to achieve seamless connection with public roads and facilities, implement unmanned technology to communities, semi-open parks, public spaces, and effectuate the whole process of self-services such as vehicles renting, cleaning and patrolling, library, medical services and so on. Sharing-City represents the new thinking and action of Dongfeng for the future smart cities, vehicles and life.

The project of intelligent moving in Long Zhong has been implemented in Xiangyang city, Hubei Province, China. The autonomous driving project signed by Dongfeng indicates that China’s largest and most development autonomous driving fleet will be established to welcome the industrial transformation. Dongfeng is well prepared to build a future-oriented intelligent ecosystem.

The intelligent vehicle is the carrier of intelligent ecology. In the research and development of intelligent vehicle, Dongfeng takes scene-driving as the starting point and forms a development path combining progressive type and cross over type. To C vehicles adopt progressive type, and L2+ automatic driving products have been in mass production; To B commercial operating vehicles adopt cross over type and are developed to L4 autonomous driving. At present, the first batch of six Dongfeng autonomous container trucks have been officially put into operation. Dongfeng Sharing-VAN 1.0 Plus products and Cloud-control platform have also been delivered in Qingdao. Driverless engineering vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles and other vehicles are successively developed, and partially products are in pilot operation. This year, Dongfeng will release 5G+V2X vehicles in mass production, launch the Internet-connected platform, and constantly iterate the Wind  system, an artificial intelligence vehicle and computer system, in an effort to lead the industry in the field of AI experience.

In addition, targeting at the innovation of citizen consumption pattern, Dongfeng has developed intelligent travel platforms such as Dongfeng Travel, T3 Travel and other travel platforms in big cities of China. By providing comprehensive urban travel solutions including taxis, buses, shuttles and logistics, people can enjoy better of mobility conveniences.

Let vehicles drive your dream and empower the better life. Dongfeng will continually take insight into market and customer demand, offering more cutting-edge innovative technologies and being committed to improvements of smart travel experiences, intelligent lifestyles and ecology. Dongfeng is keenly to provide consumers with best products and satisfactory services for the better automobile life.

SOURCE: Dongfeng


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