Digital instead of just paper: The new Quick Guide for Opel models

Up to date: Short printed overview as Quick Guide instead of thick manual

Opel is changing the format of its owner’s manuals from paper to digital with immediate effect. From now on, in all new Opel cars, such as the MokkaGrandland or new Astra and their electrified variants, there will be a concise booklet instead of a tome hundreds of pages long – as legally required. The so-called Quick Guide features a QR code with which customers can quickly and easily access the digital detailed owner’s manual for their car.

Opel Germany Sales Director Stefan Moldaner: “For Opel, responsibility is not only about becoming an all-electric brand by 2028. Responsibility also means conserving all resources related to the automobile, including the owner’s manual put in every car. We call this ‘greenovation’. The new digital format and printed Quick Guide save paper and raw material; and it is also user-friendly in the best sense. All this makes our claim of ‘greenovation’ holistic.”

Quick Guide for brief information, via QR code to online manual

The folder containing the manuals for each Opel model and the infotainment system is already made of environmentally friendly material today. Previously, that added up to around 500 pages per car. The total now amounts to about 100 pages with Quick Guide and Service booklet, an 80 per cent saving of paper! Extrapolated to the vehicle and the corresponding production of owner’s manuals, the print requirement at Opel alone is thus reduced by hundreds of millions of pages per year.1

Opel not only meets the wish of many customers for less paper in the car with the new format, but also the accessibility and handling of the owner’s manual becomes more practical thanks to the Quick Guide and QR code. Simply scan the code and the detailed information is available online, anytime and anywhere. Everything works via computer, tablet or smartphone. Also, the link to the manual will soon be contained in the “myOpel app”. In addition, short tutorial videos that can be played on the infotainment screen in models such as the new Opel Astra provide valuable tips on how individual driver assistance systems work. This makes fetching the manual and tedious page-turning a thing of the past – and frees up space in the glove compartment, too.

[1] Printed manuals will continue to be available and can be purchased from the local Opel dealer.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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