Development for Mobilize in Brazil

Renault Group’s fourth brand, Mobilize, offers flexible mobility, energy and data services in Europe and abroad

In Brazil, Mobilize teams are working step by step to put forward and prove the various components of a sustainable ecosystem, making it a reality for companies, regional authorities and individuals.

The activities of Mobilize in Brazil perfectly reflect the services and solutions we want to offer. By working closely with partners and taking a ‘test & learn’ approach, we provide tangible solutions to promote the environmental transition and improve the accessibility of mobility for people and goods – especially in complex and congested urban environments, as in many large Brazilian cities.

Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize

  • Mobilize is the chosen mobility partner of several private companies and public bodies in Brazil, providing shared mobility and short-term rental solutions.
  • Mobilize has launched the ‘Smart Island’ project with the local authorities on Fernando de Noronha Island, with the aim of harnessing a complete solar charging system to make all travel on the island fully electric by 2030.

Tailor-made turnkey solutions

Shared mobility with Mobilize Share

It all started in 2019, with an experiment deployed for Renault do Brasil employees; a fleet of vehicles was made available for their private use in the evening and at weekends.

On the back of that trial’s success, shared mobility services with electric and combustion-powered vehicles have been offered to companies and public bodies since 2020.

The Federation of Paraná Industries (FIEP) was one of the first to provide its teams with a fleet of electric and combustion-powered vehicles.

Other companies and institutions have since followed – the latest being Copel, an energy provider in the state of Paraná. Mobilize has just launched car-sharing and short-term car rental services for the 2,500 employees at Copel’s headquarters in Curitiba, for both personal and professional use. Employees make reservations using the Mobilize Share application.

Our goal is not only to design, manufacture and market automobiles, but also to offer mobility solutions and services.

Ricardo Gondo, CEO of Renault do Brazil

Less than two years after its launch, Mobilize Share can already count over 1,400 Brazilian users with a satisfaction rate of 9.8/10. Moreover, given the strong local demand, the service is set to continue to grow significantly.

Renault on Demand

‘Renault On Demand’ is a long-term vehicle leasing service developed with RCI Bank & Services. As a privileged partner, RCI Bank and Services enables Mobilize to provide its customers with easy access to financing services ranging from leasing to finance plans that suit how the vehicle is used. RCI Bank and Services is also harnessing its expertise so that Mobilize can offer fully digital customer paths, such as Renault on Demand.

Following a test and learn approach, which enables responses that align precisely with users’ expectations, this service – launched in March 2020 – was tested in the state of Paraná with employees of Renault Brazil, RCI and 200 other customers in six Brazilian states for seven months.

The value of this solution, which facilitates urban and shared mobility, has been proved; as such, it is now available throughout the country. Customers subscribe to one of three durations – for 12, 18 or 24 months. They can also choose between mileage options of 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 kilometres per month.

The subscription process is carried out entirely online on a specific website (, including the digital signature of the service contract and the monitoring of the entire process, such as checking the status of orders, managing payments and subscribed services, etc. Alternatively, users can also subscribe to the Renault on Demand service at Renault dealerships.

With Renault On Demand, we have developed in-house a great tool to expand mobility solutions in Brazil, enhancing Mobilize Brand Strategy.

Jean-Philippe Vallée, CEO of RCI Brazil.

Renault On Demand also includes:

  • maintenance: scheduled maintenance and replacement of worn‑out parts, including tyres;
  • document management: all vehicle-related documents and taxes, such as road tax (known as IPVA in Brazil) and registration fees;
  • car insurance: protection against theft, robbery, fire and third party insurance;
  • roadside assistance: breakdown cover includes vehicle towing, locksmith services, return or home travel, hotel accommodation, vehicle rental and other emergency services available on call.

Users can customise the subscription service by including additional options such as home delivery, tinting and/or security window film, finance protection insurance and deductibles insurance.

Sustainable ecosystems

Smart Island

Mobilize is enabling the emergence of sustainable energy ecosystems in line with Renault Group’s carbon neutrality target and its ambition to promote the circular economy.

In Brazil, the brand is working with partner organizations to deploy clean energy solutions – like on Fernando de Noronha, for example.

This archipelago in the north-east of Brazil is known for its rich variety of flora and fauna; naturally, the energy transition and the protection of nature are, more than ever, urgent local priorities. Renault Group decided to help in 2019, when it entered into a partnership with the local government and signed up to the ‘Noronha Zero Carbon’ project to help promote a smart ecosystem.

The project began with the supply of fully electric vehicles to the island’s administration. Since then, some of the island’s inhabitants have also converted to electric vehicles – with over 30 vehicles delivered to date.

Meanwhile, Mobilize powers the island with clean and renewable energy production and this year started working with partners to provide a complete solar charging system for the public, which features photovoltaic recharging stations equipped with solar panels on their roofs.

Each station can power up to six vehicles simultaneously and provides 26 MWh of energy per year. This energy generated is equivalent to 180,000 emission-free kilometres travelled, replacing about 20,000 litres of fossil fuel. What’s more, excess energy is sent back to the grid for use by the local community.

The aim is for there to be no more combustion-powered vehicles driving on Fernando de Noronha Island by 2030.

Other Mobilize solutions are currently undergoing testing in Brazil:

  • in the ride-hailing sector in partnership with the Kovi start-up;
  • in the last mile delivery sector;
  • in energy solutions, with Mobilize Power Solution and developments for charging solutions, as well as in the battery sector.

SOURCE: Renault Group

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