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DENSO Celebrates Grand Opening Of Its India Technical Center

DENSO International India Pvt. Ltd. (DIIN), a subsidiary of DENSO Corporation, celebrated the opening of DENSO’s Indian technical center, which was built on the site of DIIN, on November 5 starting at 9:30 a.m. local time. The technical center was established with a total investment of approximately 1.5 billion rupees (approximately US$28.2 million), and currently employees 52 people.

“We regard India as an important market and aim to expand our business in the country. With this technical center, we are promoting product development to better meet Indian customer needs,” said Yasushi Yamanaka, executive director responsible for DENSO’s Engineering Research & Development Center. “To further strengthen development capabilities, we plan to double the number of employees for the technical center by FY2015.”

The new technical center has a variety of testing and evaluation equipment including an engine bench and a chassis dynamometer that can test a vehicle at temperatures ranging from -30 to +50 degree Celsius environment. The center, which started operations in March 2012, develops a wide range of products for DENSO customers in India, such as powertrains, electric and electronic components, information and safety systems, as well as small motors and motorcycle components. In addition, it creates advanced software to support DENSO’s product development in other operating regions.

DENSO has operated business in India for almost three decades since 1984. Today, it has six subsidiaries with more than 2,400 employees in : four production companies, DIIN, and DENSO Subros Thermal Engineering Centre India Ltd. (DSEC), which designs car air conditioning systems and other automotive thermal devices.

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