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Continental enables real-time digital tire monitoring also for free-standing truck trailers

Real time tire data for a better planning of service and maintenance of truck trailers

Continental is now also offering remote tire monitoring in real time for trailers through its ContiConnect Live digital solution. The system works equally well with freestanding and coupled trailers. A telematics unit can receive tire sensor data and send it to the ContiConnect portal. The system then can provide continuous information about the inflation status and temperature of the trailer tires when connected to a power unit. Even when untethered, the unit’s rechargeable battery allows for daily readings for up to 28 days. ContiConnect Live can reduce tire-related breakdowns and keep vehicles on the road instead of in the workshop. Real-time status updates and alerts also increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with labor and maintenance. ContiConnect Live for trailers also offers a track & trace feature based on GPS data. This allows fleet managers to have full visibility on the exact position of all their assets. As of July 2023, this new trailer solution is available in many markets worldwide.

“ContiConnect Live gives the fleet the tremendous benefit of knowing if there is a tire inflation issue that can be addressed even before the trailer is connected with a truck,” explains Clarisa Doval, Head of Digital Solutions at Continental Tires. “With the ContiConnect Live solution, fleets can achieve and deliver the lowest overall driving cost.”

Sensors inside the tire send data to the telematics unit that is installed on the trailer. The information is fed into the associated tire management platform, where it can be viewed easily via the ContiConnect portal and ContiConnect on-site app. Fleet operators can then access information such as tire pressure, temperature, and mileage for each individual connected tire. If there is low pressure or a slow leak, the portal can generate text or email alerts to an unlimited number of recipients and the situation can be corrected before the trailer is towed.

With the help of ContiConnect Live, breakdowns can be prevented, maintenance costs can be reduced, and the vehicle’s operating time on the road can be extended. Although tires account for only about five percent of investment costs for a fleet, they can account for more than half of all operating costs. If a tire loses air unnoticed, rolling resistance and fuel consumption increase, and in the event of a puncture, the trailer is inoperable until it is repaired. High fuel costs and downtime are not only a challenge for a fleet operator, but also for the customers and other parties due to delayed deliveries.

Continental Tires systematically develops new business models and is creating an entire ecosystem of smart digital solutions centered on its premium tires. By 2030, the tire manufacturer wants to be a global leader for service-based digital solutions. Already today, Continental offers many fleet customers guaranteed mileage along with an extensive range of tire services whenever and wherever they are required.

SOURCE: Continental 

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