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Comprehensive three-year ‘Citroën Advance UK’ plan announced by Managing Director Eurig Druce

Presenting virtually to a cross-section of influential UK media, Citroën UK Managing Director, Eurig Druce, has announced details of an all-encompassing new strategy for the Citroën brand in the UK

Presenting virtually to a cross-section of influential UK media, Citroën UK Managing Director, Eurig Druce, has announced details of an all-encompassing new strategy for the Citroën brand in the UK. Entitled ‘Citroën Advance UK’ the mid-term plan focuses on a number of keys areas of the UK operation, all of which are designed to place customers at the heart of the business, whilst unlocking the full potential of the Citroën brand in the UK.

Fair Pricing Policy

Key to the ‘Citroën Advance UK’ strategy is the move to ‘Fair Pricing’, which means reducing list prices and being transparent and upfront with the customer. As a brand inspired by its customers with the tagline ‘Inspired By You’, the rationale behind this bold new approach is simple, it is about being transparent and trustworthy.

This long-term and fundamental change to the UK business model will see list prices across the model range reduced to new fair and transparent levels. A few examples of the reductions include the C1 City Car enjoying a reduction of up to £700, whilst the brand’s best-selling New C3 Supermini and C3 Aircross Compact SUV will see reductions of up to £1,175 and £1,775 respectively. The new pricing strategy will be effective from 1 December, 2020 with buyers able to enjoy this fair and transparent pricing across Citroën’s entire model line-up.

Alongside the new ‘fair pricing’ approach, there is a move to a new range structure and naming convention on the brand’s most popular models, including, New C3, C3 Aircross Compact SUV and C5 Aircross SUV.         Entry level versions will be named ‘Live’, with levels two and three taking the names ‘Sense’ and ‘Shine’ respectively. On selected models, additional trim levels will be introduced – these will be ‘Sense Plus’, which sits above level 2 ‘Sense’ versions and ‘Shine Plus’ that will sit at the top of the range above the level 3 ‘Shine’ trim.

Citroën Online Store & New ‘C-Series’ model introductions

Citroën UK’s new ‘Fair Price’ strategy will work hand in hand with the recently launched Citroën Store and Virtual Showroom – online services that allow customers to buy a new Citroën from the comfort of their sofa. The Virtual Showroom service offers customers the ability to book live walk-around tours of key Citroën models and to ask questions, prior to placing an order via the online Citroën Store.

Now the ‘Citroën Advance UK’ plan takes the online Citroën Store to the next level with the introduction of a new and additional ‘C-Series’ range aimed at online buyers. New ‘C-Series’ models are offered with strong levels of standard equipment, a competitive fair price well below that of key competitors, and a five-year extended warranty for retail customers purchasing online.

MRR OTR pricing for ‘C-Series’ models starts with New C3 from only £13,980. The larger C3 Aircross Compact SUV and C5 Aircross SUV ‘C-Series’ models have fair and transparent prices from £17,000 and £25,755 respectively on the Citroën Online Store. New ‘C-Series’ models are available to order from early November with production from December 2020 with first customer deliveries anticipated in early 2021.

Residual Values

Residual Values (RVs) play a critical part in the sale of vehicles in the UK. This topic is therefore central to the ‘Citroën Advance UK’ strategy. With a now meticulous focus on RV’s, Citroën UK has devised a plan that sees the end to short-term, ‘fast churn’ business, whilst also limiting our mix of direct sales to rental companies. These initiatives have already brought success with New C4 and ë-C4 models amongst the very best in segment for forecast percentage RV.

When combined with the brand’s new ‘fair pricing’ initiative, results will strengthen further over time as new models are launched and commercialised.

Network Renewal

Following a series of notable retailer appointments, most recently Bristol Street Motors, Worcester and Robins & Day, London West, Eurig Druce has outlined a plan that will see nine new Citroën Retailer appointments in the next nine months. In addition to securing new retailer sites, ‘Citroën Advance UK’ goes further to ensure optimum brand representation across the country and increasing levels of customer satisfaction. A specific five-point plan has been devised to better ensure network partner success during these uncertain times.

In Summary

The introduction of the bold new ‘Citroën Advance UK’ mid-term plan coincides with an unprecedented period of new product launches – 11 new model derivatives in only 16 months. This has already started with the introduction of New C3, C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid and the ë-Dispatch van, whilst the coming few months will see the continuation of the brand’s electric vehicle offensive with the launch of New ë-C4 and                           ë-SpaceTourer passenger vehicles, and the ë-Relay large panel van.

Eurig Druce, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, said: “Our Advance UK strategy represents the next step as we continue to strengthen the Citroën brand in the UK, Citroën is a great French brand ‘Inspired by You’, which means we always strive to speak your language. At the heart of our Advance UK strategy are fundamental, long-lasting changes to the way we do business to serve our customers better, it is the strategy our business needs today, to thrive tomorrow.”

SOURCE: Citroën

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