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Cleared for take-off: Juice Technology launches its all-in-one app j+ pilot for e-car drivers and other motorists looking to go electric

Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and the market leader in portable charging stations for electric vehicles, presents its fully integrated j+ pilot app that bundles all relevant vehicle, driving and charging data in a single tool.

Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and the market leader in portable charging stations for electric vehicles, presents its fully integrated j+ pilot app that bundles all relevant vehicle, driving and charging data in a single tool. Neatly arranged and user-friendly with state-of-the-art graphics, this app awakens an appetite for e-mobility even among newcomers.

j+ pilot, the simple software solution designed from the user’s perspective, unites in a single tool all relevant information on the vehicle, driving behaviour, charging operations and energy consumption. The app also serves as trip logbook recognised by tax authorities, and as a key to charging stations thanks to its integrated activation and control functions. With such universal integration, j+ pilot is the very first software solution of its kind, and unique on the market today.

The app can be used on smartphones as well as laptops (iOS and Android), and is also available in a web-based version for ease of viewing and editing on desktop computers. No matter what their terminal device, users have a wide range of in-depth vehicle, trip and charging analyses at their fingertips. Whether in tabular form or graphics – the various telemetry data are processed and represented in neatly arranged and visually appealing displays. What’s more, the views can be individually customised to user wishes.

Trip list and lava look

All trips, charges and standing times are not only conveniently listed in tabular form, but also simultaneously mapped and, where feasible, displayed in a diagram or graphical representation. If you wish, you can track the speeds driven, electricity consumption and regenerative braking energy recovery over every kilometre. Customisable dashboard widgets indicate the key figures you prefer to display. Users thus have a handy overview readily at their fingertips.

And yet, the displays have a tidy, uncluttered look. The contemporary neomorphic design with subtle shadowing lends the user interface a relief-like 3D feeling. The colour settings ensure good legibility under any light conditions. The lava look specially developed by the Juice Design Department exudes a modern, edgy style, with its contrasts of light-grey and luminous, continuously graduated orange elements on a black background.

The clincher: a digital trip log

The integrated trip logbook is a valuable tool for managing use of business fleet vehicles. Because it conforms to standards set by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and thereby meets taxation reporting requirements, it’s an indispensable tool for everyone who travels for work. The purpose of travel can be easily recorded for every trip distance driven. Whether for business or pleasure – these thorough, end-to-end records can also be enriched later with additional information.

“The electronic trip log is a feature that makes life easier for thousands of people, eliminating the need for tedious follow-up documenting of journeys travelled. It renders obsolete even physical paper logbooks in the glove compartment or any separate for-pay app,” says Christoph Erni, CEO of Juice Technology AG.

Pacesetter for efficient driving, countering vampire drain, and charging with renewable energy

Driving efficiently is environmentally-friendly driving. Because every trip is automatically recorded, j+ pilot plainly visualises how much power the car consumes and how much regenerative braking energy is recovered on any given trip. This incentivises drivers to drive more economically.

Yet, determining an e-car’s effective consumption considers not only the energy consumed on journeys, but also what’s called “vampire drain”, i.e. battery drain during standing times. Even battery degradation is monitored and graphically presented.

To reduce these effects, it’s worthwhile charging regularly and slowly (slow-rate charging) instead of at fast charging stations. The smartJuice load and charging management system, likewise available via j+ pilot, ensures optimised charging behaviour.

E-car drivers can also ease their environmentally friendly conscience by purchasing power from sustainable resources. One option available thanks to j+ pilot is to prioritise use of electricity self-generated at home from solar power to charge the e-vehicle.

Consistent systematic focus on software

As a specialist in networked charging infrastructure, Juice Technology already has in-depth experience with highly integrated software solutions. The renowned motor vehicle telemetry specialist Albert Frischmann joined Juice on January 1, 2021 to put together and lead the international team of developers working on j+ pilot. Owing to his strategic experience, he was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the group subsidiary specially founded for this business segment, Juice Telemetrics AG.

“I and my team of telemetry specialists and application developers have the expertise and power to enable Juice to take electromobility to a whole new dimension. j+ pilot is much more than just some fitness tracker for electric cars. Together with the chargers from Juice and the extensive advancements in connectivity, numerous previously unimagined possibilities are opening up,” explains Frischmann.

j+ pilot – available for iOS and Android devices

j+ pilot is equally well suited for use by individual e-drivers or fleet managers. The app is usable independently of Juice-brand devices. Soon, an optionally available OBD2 plug lets you connect with cars that are stingy with their data, and even petrol-fuelled cars.

At the app’s roll-out, it is already compatible with eight models of vehicles from various automakers: the Audi e-tron, Opel Corsa-e, Peugeot 208, the Tesla models S, 3, X and Y, and the i3 from on BMW. The app is not bound to specific automotive manufacturers, and can therefore be used without further ado with other vehicle models.

Regular updates and future functions

The j+ pilot is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Beta version). While the app is currently available in German and English, further language versions, functions and vehicles will be added on a continuous basis.

In conjunction with the j+-series devices becoming available from Juice, users will enjoy additional benefits such as activation and remote-control of charging stations, charging and load management, and payment and billing functions. With this total integration, j+ pilot is systematically expanding the digital ecosystem of Juice.

j+ pilot – facts and figures

  1. Compatibility: In its initial release, the app is compatible with these eight models of e-cars: the Audi e-tron, Opel Corsa-e, Peugeot 208, Tesla models S, 3, X and Y, and the BMW i3. Further vehicle models and additional features will be added continuously.
  2. Benefits: j+ pilot collects all important vehicle and charging data in a single app, and serves simultaneously as an officially compliant trip logbook accepted by the tax authorities.
  3. Operability: Thanks to its graphical user interface, the app is enjoyably easy and intuitive to operate.
  4. Design: The innovative lava look featuring contrast-rich elements paired with the neomorphic 3D optics provides appealing presentation while ensuring good legibility.
  5. Data privacy: All data are encrypted and stored at a leading high-security data centre with servers in Germany. Juice maintains its own in-house Data Security Department. Data usage is transparent, and users can control this usage.
  6. Connection: For connecting to the vehicle, the app employs the same interfaces used by native apps from the vehicle manufacturer. For vehicles that restrict over-the-air data transmission and for cars powered by internal combustion engines, an optionally available OBD2 plug provides full functionality.
  7. Load management: The freely scalable, omni-dynamic charging and load management system smartJuice is a constituent component of j+ pilot, and compatible with all charging devices bearing the j+ marking. smartJuice enables real-time monitoring of charging operations and prioritising of individual cars.
  8. Availability: j+ pilot is now available for downloading from the App Store and Google Play Store (Beta version). The app is initially available in German and English. Additional language versions will follow.
  9. Price: The basic version of j+ pilot is available free of charge during the initial four months. In-app purchases enable users to use the full functional scope of the app. Owners of Juice devices benefit from functions lifelong free of charge.

SOURCE: Juice Technology

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