Citroën facilitates the electrical experience of its retail and professional customers with ë-C4 and C5 Aircross Hybrid

Citroën is well aware of the challenges of the transition to electrified solutions and is constantly developing its products and services to best adapt to customers’ use and help them achieve more hassle-free and efficient use of electric

ë-C4 driving range boosted through technological improvements

ë-C4 already enjoyed an excellent driving range at launch thanks to a number of technological decisions made during the project, including the use of “A+” class tyres, which reduce driving resistance and improve efficiency. Since October, ë-C4 has made further progress by adopting technological improvements that boost its driving range. This increase, within the framework of the WLTP cycles, boosts the certified range by 7 km to 357 km. The ë-C4 improves most in terms of actual use, with a range that can be increased by nearly 30 km depending on usage conditions (outside temperature, type of road, driving mode, etc.). These changes therefore add more versatility and peace of mind for everyday use and longer journeys.

The 100 kW electric motor (136 hp) and 50 kWh battery remain unchanged on vehicles with the e-CMP platform, although their performance has been optimised with several upgrades:

  • The addition of a hygrometric sensor combined with the new heat pump settings have optimised the management of heating and air-conditioning, saving battery life;
  • The transmission system is also optimised thanks to a new final drive ratio and a change to the engine gear box ratio to optimise driving range.

C4’s electric motor is very quickly growing in popularity in Europe and ë-C4 already accounted for 32.5% of the plug-in hybrid market in October.

Citroën helps itsB2C and B2B customers improve use of their C5 Aircross plug-in hybrid

Citroën’s ambition is to constantly innovate to offer products and services that facilitate access to mobility and promote a more stress-free overall experience. This philosophy also applies to electrification of the range. To optimise its B2C and B2B customers’ use of their plug-in hybrid and the comfort it offers them, Citroën is rolling out support solutions such as Plug-in Reminder and PHEV Connect.

Plug-in reminder:

Since October, C5 Aircross Hybrid users in France and the UK are notified by their vehicle if it is not charged regularly. This change has been implemented via an automatic “Over The Air” update of the vehicle software and does not require customers to visit a Citroën dealership. This measure is intended to help customers optimise the performance of their plug-in hybrid and further reduce environmental impact. And research into our customers’ use is encouraging. Current data shows that 55% of journeys of less than 40 km are made in electric mode only and 52% of customers already charge their vehicle once or twice every 100 km. The idea is to encourage them to go even further in order to take full advantage of rechargeable solutions.

The Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid is fitted with a 13.2 kWh battery which gives it an emission-free electric range of 55 km (WLTP). The system operates on the basis of the on-board computer, which analyses journeys, battery charging status and the number of charges carried out. Notifications are displayed on the vehicle’s touchscreen. Initially, after five days and 10 journeys have been made without the vehicle being plugged in, the software will issue one notification per day via the touchscreen. If the vehicle is not plugged in for 30 days, then the notification appears twice a day while the vehicle is in use.

This feature will be rolled out in other countries at the start of 2022 and will also appear on the brand’s next flagship model, the new C5 X Plug-in Hybrid.

PHEV Connect:

PHEV Connect is a new connected service aimed at managers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to support them in the energy transition by helping them to reduce their fleet’s cost and CO2 emissions. The system relies on the Citroën Connect Box to transmit telematics data about the vehicle.

PHEV Connect gives fleet managers precise information on the use of vehicles in their fleet and allows them to take action to influence driver behaviour. Fleet managers have access to statistics from the PHEV Connect management platform, including the following information about their fleet:

  • Percentages for use of the vehicle fleet in electric and hybrid mode
  • Charging frequency
  • Fuel consumption and plug-in times for the entire fleet and per vehicle
  • The potential gains generated by better driving behaviour or increased connection to charging stations.

This information helps fleet managers to improve their TCO by offering users personalised advice on maximising their use of electric mode, charging their vehicles more often and adapting their driving style. These statistics also help managers to establish a Car Policy tailored to the use of hybrid vehicles.

PHEV Connect was rolled out in Europe* in March 2021 and already covers more than 7,400 vehicles.

*: G10

SOURCE: Stellantis

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