Chery leads high-quality development through technological innovation and accelerates the building of global impact of brand

Through years of “positive R&D”, Chery has made breakthroughs in key core technologies such as engine, automatic transmission, chassis, engine management system (EMS) and platform technology

Brand is an important manifestation of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. Strengthening brand building is not only conducive to promoting national economic growth, but also conducive to enhancing the national image in the international market. On May 10, the“2019 China Brand Day” jointly organized by China Xinhua News Agency and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade was held in Shanghai to show the development achievements and unique charm of Chinese brands to the world. In the activity, Chery Automobile was awarded “My Favorite Chinese Brand in 2019”. Its all-new TIGGO 8,ARRIZO 6 and other vehicles, with outstanding performance and advanced intelligent technology, have become the designated vehicles for China Brand Day activities, leading the “China Brand Day” to transmit the strength of Chinese brands to the world.

“Technological Innovation” Drivers —— Breaking through Monopoly in Key Core Technological Areas

Chery has always been a technology-based company. Through years of “positive R&D”, Chery has made breakthroughs in key core technologies such as engine, automatic transmission, chassis, engine management system (EMS) and platform technology. Especially in the powe-train technology which determines the core performance of vehicles, Chery’s self-developed 1.6TGDI engine has reached the international first-class level and set an example of technological innovation for Chinese automobile brands.

In addition to the traditional core technology, Chery has also advanced its pattern and reached the industry leading level in the frontier technology fields such as Intelligent Network Union and New Energy.

In April last year, Chery officially released the intelligent strategic brand “CHERY LION”. The Lion Smart Cloud system and Lion Intelligent Driving automatic driving system are its two core business modules, and have been applied in its new generation of products. Chery plans to achieve L3 level conditioned automatic driving by 2020 and L4 level highly automatic driving by 2025.

While in the field of new energy, Chery has established a new energy technology research and development system with vehicle integration, core technology and core parts and components development capabilities. In 2018, Chery’s new energy vehicles sold 90,500 units, up 146% year-on-year, ranking forefront in the industry.

Achieving World-Class Quality with National Elaboration

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, many industries in China have developed rapidly from scratch, from simple processing of incoming materials, OEM production to the creation of real Chinese brands,the road of development is rapid. In recent years, Chinese enterprises have increased their brand awareness and paid more attention to quality manufacturing and consumer experience. In order to ensure product quality, Chery has implemented a strategic transformation in to build a system, improve quality and build a brand during these past few years.

In the process of product development, Chery has established an international standard V-shaped product development system and process, which lays a solid foundation for building high-quality products and excellent brands. In the product manufacturing sector, Chery has taken the lead in establishing a global unified standard production management system – CPS (Chery Production System), which further guarantees the global quality of Chery products. At present, the malfunction rate per thousand vehicles of Chery’s new products in three months has reached the leading position among independent brands, and exceeds the average level of some mainstream joint venture brands.

In 2018, at the 43rd International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC),the Chery Optimization QC (Quality Control) Group won the Gold Prize. This was the second time that Chery Automobile had won the Global Quality Control Award after winning the gold medal at the 42nd International Convention on Quality Control Circles held in Manila, Philippines. Today, with its excellent product quality, Chery has become a shining “biz card” for Chinese automobile brands overseas.

Becoming International brand and accelerating global R&D facilities

Automobile design not only represents the industrial development of a country, but also represents the image of a country. More than a decade ago, China’s automotive industry lagged behind many countries from design to R&D. Today, its new products are advertising that China’s automotive brands can also be a paradigm and make products with international standards.

Chery has an international design team with staff from 10 countries around the world at its core, led by world-renowned automotive designers. Moreover, in order to upgrade the Chinese brands, Chery is facilitating development of global market layout, including building a global integrated R&D system and sales service system to support the localized operation of Chery products in the mainstream global market.

At present, Chery’s R&D centers in Europe and North America have been put into operation. The European R&D Center is Chery’s “bridgehead” to enter the European market. It mainly undertakes three core businesses: first, design, namely, supporting Chery’s European and international projects; second, R&D, supporting Chery’s European market development and European partnerships. third, the market, namely, preparing for the future Chery products to enter the European market.

In the future, Chery will further integrate resources such as professional knowledge reserves and development capabilities of major R&D networks around the world, and bring in the global product development process, thus further enhancing Chery’s ability to participate in global market competition, and boosting Chery to enter a new era of global development.