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CerebrumX and HD Fleet unite to improve driver safety with real-time embedded vehicle data

CerebrumX and HD Fleet tackles driver safety by integrating GPS tracking and video monitoring solutions using dashcams with embedded vehicle data, to deliver more comprehensive driver and vehicle insights

CerebrumX Labs Inc. (CerebrumX), an AI-driven automotive data platform company, is thrilled to announce its partnership with HD Fleet, a leading provider of GPS fleet management solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both HD Fleet and CerebrumX, as they continue to pave the way in the fleet management industry.

CerebrumX’s innovative technology utilizes built-in GPS systems in vehicles to gather extensive real-time diagnostic information, providing clients with a new level of data and insights. This combined with HD Fleet’s dash cams will give fleet managers a more comprehensive and accurate view of their fleet’s activities.

The joint solution will take advantage of CerebrumX ADLP (Augmented Deep Learning Platform) to gain access to additional safety parameters collected within the vehicle, but often lost in transmission, beyond traditional risk factors. As a result, enabling HD Fleet to consider distracted driving, ADAS, ABS, seat belt reminders and crash notifications, while delivering safety and driver reports to fleets for maximized vigilance and minimized risk.

“We are excited to join forces with CerebrumX and combine our expertise enhance fleet management and provide our clients with the best possible service,” said Scott McCurdy, CEO of HD Fleet. “Partnering with CerebrumX is a major step towards achieving that goal and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our clients’ operations.”

“By integrating our AI-driven data platform with HD Fleet’s advanced dashcams and GPS tracking cameras, we are placing the power of real-time embedded vehicle insights and safety at the forefront of our industry”, said Sandip Ranjhan, CEO at CerebrumX. “Together, we look forward to a future where fleets operate with heightened safety and efficiency.”

HD Fleet’s high-end dashcams offer real-time video monitoring, promoting responsible driving and swift incident response. CerebrumX complements this with live location tracking, vehicle performance, driver behavioral profiles, and crash forensics all conveniently packaged into a single, seamless installation, HD Fleet and CerebrumX bring forth a unique solution for fleet managers to optimize the operations and prioritize the safety of their drivers.

SOURCE: CerebrumX

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