Bosch IoT Suite connects cars, mobile machinery, and baby buggies

From automakers to energy providers, businesses use the Bosch IoT Suite

What do cars, mobile machinery, an energy provider’s data platform, and baby buggies have in common? Their connectivity comes courtesy of the Bosch IoT Suite, the core product of Bosch.IO, the new wholly owned Bosch subsidiary. The subsidiary has already deployed its IoT platform to carry out more than 250 IoT projects jointly with customers in the retail, energy, building, manufacturing, consumer goods, agriculture, and mobility sectors. “Bosch.IO projects epitomize the efficient development of scalable and secure IoT solutions using the cloud and the open-source-based Bosch IoT Suite,” says Dr. Stefan Ferber, a member of the Bosch.IO executive management. The Bosch IoT Suite services customers opt for are then integrated into the cloud environments the customers prefer for their projects.

Versatile and proven

The Bosch IoT Suite is the core enabler of Daimler’s firmware over-the-air updates. Some four million car owners already receive new versions of vehicle software – for example, infotainment system updates – conveniently and securely via the cellular network. This means they no longer have to visit their dealer solely to get a software update. The Bosch IoT Suite is the communication hub for vehicles on the receiving end of wireless updates.

For the Swedish baby buggy manufacturer Emmaljunga, Bosch has developed an assistance system with an extensive set of comfort and safety features. Called eStroller, it comes with powered push and automatic brake assist functions, as well as a link to a smartphone app. Based on the Bosch IoT Suite, this app puts added features such as an alarm function at users’ fingertips.

The energy provider EWE uses the Bosch IoT Suite to manage power consumption data in an efficient way. This also opens the door to value-added services. For example, the data can be used to analyze consumption and provide detailed, clear information about the biggest electricity consumers in the home. This helps users save energy.

The Bosch IoT Suite is not only used by customers such as Daimler, Emmaljunga, and EWE, but is also the central software platform for Bosch IoT solutions. For example, the Suite connects smart cameras from Bosch Building Technologies with the cloud and existing backends. This connection provides a cost-effective means of managing cameras throughout their life cycles and updating devices’ and gateways’ software and firmware.

A use case at Bosch Rexroth illustrates how the Bosch IoT Suite can be adapted to the requirements of the manufacturing sector. This Bosch subsidiary, which specializes in drive and control technology, used the Bosch IoT Suite to build BODAS Connect, its solution for mobile machinery. Open and scalable, this solution for end-to-end connectivity affords access to specific machine information. After-sales services such as software updates can be delivered at the touch of a button, even without service staff present on site. Reform, a manufacturer of municipal and agricultural vehicles, has also adopted BODAS Connect to quickly troubleshoot malfunctions in its mobile machinery.

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