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Bosch cabin filter range covers 96 percent of all passenger cars and 93 percent of all hybrid and electric vehicles in Europe

New FILTER+pro cabin filter generation also works effectively against viruses and mold

Fine dust, allergens, and viruses are a cause for concern for more and more drivers. They want the best possible air quality inside their vehicles. Bosch cabin filters reliably remove harmful substances and unpleasant odors and ensure that the air is clean and fresh. Bosch has been continuously expanding its extensive portfolio of cabin filters for the aftermarket, and now covers 96 percent of all vehicles in Europe, whether standard filters, carbon filters, or the new FILTER+pro. For hybrid and electric vehicles, market coverage is also very high, at 93 percent. For almost every customer, therefore, workshops have the right Bosch cabin filter.

Modified FILTER+pro protects health even better

The Bosch FILTER+, which has been on the market for five years, has now been significantly upgraded. The new FILTER+pro not only deals with allergens, pollen, fine particulates, harmful gases, and bacteria, but also works effectively against viruses and mold. By the end of 2023, FILTER+pro will have displaced its predecessor in the Bosch product range. With the new FILTER+pro, workshops can offer their customers even better protection for vehicle occupants’ health.

In the FILTER+pro, three coordinated filter layers effectively keep pollutants out of the vehicle interior. A special antimicrobial layer acts against viruses and bacteria and prevents mold growth, while its filter fleece traps allergens and pollen. The carbon layer neutralizes harmful and foul-smelling gases. Finally, an ultrafine microfiber layer filters out more than 98 percent of all particulate matter and soot. The function and benefits of the new FILTER+pro are explained to workshop customers clearly and simply on the packaging.

Clean air and a boost for safety and efficiency

Bosch cabin filters not only keep cabin air clean. They can also enhance driving safety. Windows fog up less, and on the inside of the windshield there are fewer deposits that can contribute to dazzle. Allergic reactions can also be reduced – such as sneezing, which can be potentially dangerous at the wheel. There is also the advantage that a reduction in the deposits on the fan and the air conditioning system helps keep them functioning properly.

To maintain filter performance, Bosch recommends replacing the cabin filters every 15,000 kilometers, or at least once a year. For this purpose, Bosch offers a broad range of cabin filters for almost every European passenger car – whether standard, activated carbon, or the new FILTER+pro. Each filter set comes complete with instructions, making the task of replacing them an easy one for workshops.


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