BorgWarner energizes future of mobility with extensive hybrid, electric vehicle offerings

Company’s comprehensive portfolio aligns with the industry’s needs for electrification

More than 1.2 million electric vehicles (EVs) are on the road today in the U.S., with adoption expected to continue to increase in the coming years. Sales of EVs grew 80% from 2017 to 2018, and were up 10% in the first quarter of 2019 compared with the same time period in 2018. IHS Markit forecasts that electric vehicle sales will reach 7.6% of the U.S. market share in 2026, with more than 130 models featuring electrified propulsion systems. Additionally, it forecasts that the number of brands offering at least one EV will more than triple by 2023 in comparison to 2018.

With billions of dollars being invested worldwide into the future of electrification, a robust strategy is critical for automotive suppliers. While BorgWarner continues to design and manufacture clean combustion products, it has rapidly accelerated its product growth across hybrid architectures and electrified platforms, with a full portfolio of hybrid and electric propulsion systems and products, making it a key automotive supplier powering the future of electrification. The company’s sound strategy and strong portfolio have resulted in the supply of high-volume electrified technologies.

“We’ve built a solid hybrid and electric vehicle foundation over the past 10 years and have continued to broaden our expertise, expand and strengthen our portfolio and strategically partner with companies with complementary experience,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and CEO, BorgWarner Inc. “We are energizing this sector with our extensive and comprehensive e-propulsion offerings which enables us to be a true partner to our customers by manufacturing and delivering the right solution, whether it is a full propulsion system or propulsion products, for their individual needs.”

BorgWarner solidified its electrified propulsion system offerings with its recent formation of a joint venture with Romeo Power Technology, a technology-leading battery module and pack supplier. Through this agreement, BorgWarner will be adding battery packs featuring intelligent battery management systems with proprietary algorithms to its growing list of capabilities.

As a global, proven leader in clean, energy-efficient propulsion solutions, BorgWarner’s acquisitions and joint ventures have bolstered its ability to deliver a wide range of systems and products, everything from individual hybrid, 48-volt and high-voltage electric components to full electric propulsion systems. Its suite of 48-volt technologies offers significant efficiency gains, with benefits such as reduced weight, compact designs and simple integration.

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SOURCE: BorgWarner