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Blue chips in aerodynamics and performance: the new Mercedes-AMG roof box

With the new Mercedes-AMG roof box, the brand with the star now provides a remedy and also sets additional aerodynamic and aesthetic accents

Sometimes it just needs a little more space. When traveling or during leisure time with the whole family, even the most generously designed trunk volume reaches its limits. With the new Mercedes-AMG roof box, the brand with the star now provides a remedy and also sets additional aerodynamic and aesthetic accents. The highest standards of engineering, efficiency, exclusivity and design, which define Mercedes-AMG’s DNA, were incorporated into the development of the innovative roof box. In addition, the roof box was tested by the AMG High-Performance Team in extensive driving trials to ensure optimum values in terms of aerodynamics, handling and noise emission.

In the stylishly formed lid in comet-grey magno with lateral decoration lines, a shiny black element, including a fin, is embedded on the top. The sporty design of this roof box together with the expressive diffuser has a positive effect on the aerodynamics and noise level. In addition, the handles, which are integrated directly into the lid design, help reduce air resistance. The Mercedes-AMG logos at the front and on both sides of the lid underline the exclusive origin of the roof box.

The Mercedes-AMG roof box has been developed in two versions for optimized handling. In addition to the version suitable for all Mercedes vehicle models, an additional version has been developed which is recommended especially for Mercedes coupé vehicles. The subtle difference lies in the shape of the diffuser, which has been aerodynamically adapted to the sporty design of the coupé bodies.

In practice, the roof box is suitable for everyday use, and highlights simple handling and high-quality materials. The construction made of durable and particularly hard-wearing plastic easily withstands any weather conditions. The roof box is conveniently mounted on all Mercedes-Benz base-railing carriers using a
user-friendly quick-release clamping system. The roof box holds 410 litres and can be opened from both sides, making loading easy and balanced. The maximum payload of the roof box is 70 kg, whereby the maximum roof load of the respective vehicle must be observed accordingly.

As with all Mercedes-Benz vehicles and accessory products, safety is the top priority for the Mercedes-AMG roof box. Thus, the legal requirements and the comparatively stricter Mercedes-Benz standards were exceeded during the technical inspections. The Mercedes-AMG roof box is approved up to the legal speed limit of 130 km/h.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 220 x 85 x 44 cm (L x W x H)

Capacity: 410 litres

Load capacity: max. 70 kg (max. roof load for respective vehicles must be observed!)

Own weight: 26 kg

Mounting: easy mounting with quick clamping system

Opening: both sides


November 2020 at your Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG partners.

SOURCE: Daimler

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