Basquevolt, the Basque initiative for the production of solid-state batteries, is launched with the aim of producing 10GWh by 2027

The founding consortium of investors in the project, promoted by the Basque Government, includes Iberdrola, CIE Automotive, Enagás, EIT InnoEnergy, and CIC energiGUNE, whose research has facilitated the formation of this initiative. The initiative plans to launch a production line in 4 years, with an investment of 700 million euros and the creation of more than 800 direct jobs. BASQUEVOLT’s technology will enable the mass deployment of electric transport, stationary energy storage, and advanced portable devices.

BASQUEVOLT, the Basque solid-state battery initiative, will begin production of battery cells in 2027 with the aim of reaching a capacity of 10GWh. This is one of the main objectives set out in the BASQUEVOLT’s articles of association, in which the Basque Government, Iberdrola, CIE Automotive, Enagás, EIT InnoEnergy, and CIC energiGUNE all feature as founding shareholders.

After two years of intense and highly confidential work, BASQUEVOLT now represents a reality that will make the Basque Country a European benchmark in the development of solid-state batteries. The experience of the companies that form the initial group of investors ensures that BASQUEVOLT is in a highly competitive position in the battery race, where there are important opportunities for collaboration and which is key to making progress in the energy transition.

In this sense, BASQUEVOLT plans to launch the first production line within 4 years, supported by an investment of more than 700 million euros, which will be able to generate more than 800 direct jobs.

The location of BASQUEVOLT’s first-phase activity will be the Álava Technology Park, specifically in the Marie Curie Building (c/ Albert Einstein, no. 35), just a few metres from CIC energiGUNE. This Basque research centre will provide BASQUEVOLT with technological support rooted in over 10 years of research in the field of solid-state batteries, and has a team of researchers led by Michel Armand, the “father” of the polymeric solid electrolyte. In this way, BASQUEVOLT’s technology is based on the use of a composite electrolyte patented by CIC energiGUNE.

The promoters of BASQUEVOLT are aware that liquid electrolyte lithium batteries are reaching a state of maturity, and that the next technological breakthrough required to really unlock the true potential of energy storage must come from the solid-state. The company’s initial objectives are the development of prototype cells and the commissioning of a pilot production line in 2025, with a view to actually starting production in 2027. The new technology will greatly exceed the energy density of current storage solutions. Thanks to its technological expertise, BASQUEVOLT aims to become the European leader in solid-state batteries.

Specifically, BASQUEVOLT aims to develop – in a sustainable way – the best materials and battery cells to enable the mass deployment of electric transport, stationary energy storage (including hybridisation with hydrogen-gas systems), and advanced portable devices.

SOURCE: CIE Automotive

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