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Audi and 4.screen collaborate to deliver a seamless digital in-car customer experience

New cloud technology in the MMI: Audi customers will benefit from more comprehensive, context-related real-time information in the future

Audi and 4.screen agree on a partnership with the objective of enhancing the future in-car experience. At launch, Audi customers will benefit from even more comprehensive information on points of interest (POI) using real-time data from the Munich-based technology company’s Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC). If desired, they can choose to receive relevant, location-based, personalized offers from selected third-party providers conveniently via the Multi Media Interface (MMI). This is displayed in the familiar Audi MMI style, with the information from the cloud supplementing existing infotainment content.

The MMI gives Audi owners the ability to select a wide variety of locations, known as points of interest (POI), via the touch display and then navigate to them via the GPS system – be it a gas station, a supermarket, or a restaurant. Through its partnership with 4.screen, Audi aims to significantly expand this offering. Integrating this new cloud technology into the infotainment system offers tremendous potential. Audi customers will receive exclusive information and personalized offers in their vehicles in real time – but not without their consent.

In the future, for example, when Audi drivers perform an MMI search for a nearby organic market, they will also be able to view additional content on demand, such as the additional services or offers currently available at the locations shown. This means local business can present their range of products and services to Audi customers in an ideal way, while the latter benefit from comprehensive information about the companies in real-time and, where applicable, from exclusive offers. For example, a store owner could offer a free cup of coffee from the store’s on-site café or allow EV owners to charge their car for free with every purchase. To redeem the offer, drivers simply have to scan a QR code displayed in the MMI.

Cloud technology makes real-time communication via Audi MMI possible

The technical basis for this solution is the integration of a standardized interface to 4.screen’s Mobility Experience Cloud into the existing MIB2+ & MIB3 infotainment systems (model year 2019 vehicles or later, starting in selected European markets). This API (application programming interface) establishes a real-time connection between the partnering companies and Audi customers. It is important to note that customers retain full control over the information and offers displayed – depending on their selected settings in Privacy Mode.

The additional information is displayed in the familiar Audi MMI format and, in the next stage of development, will also be able to display context-based and location-based recommendations and content on request.

Digital customer experience a key success factor

As the world becomes increasingly digital and connected, the individual customer experience continues to grow in importance, opening up entirely new possibilities. Audi considers this to be an important driver of future business success and is leveraging its potential. Over the next ten years, vehicles will become fully connected mobility devices and thus part of the digital world. The focus here is on an ecosystem that connects customers’ online and offline worlds. The integration of 4.screen’s location-based services into the vehicle MMI is another step along this path and one that will make a lasting improvement to the digital driving experience. In this context, Audi always places transparency, privacy, and data security for its customers at the top of its list of priorities.


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