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Arrizo GX initiated global presales

On August 31, Chery announced in Chengdu International Auto Show to initiate global presales of Arrizo GX, the all-new A+ class sedan of the brand

On August 31, Chery announced in Chengdu International Auto Show to initiate global presales of Arrizo GX, the all-new A+ class sedan of the brand. Four models with two power assemblies are offered in the presales.

According to the Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Marketing, “In Arrizo GX, G represents Go-ahead”, meaning the leading and aggressive feature of the new model; X stands for artificial intelligence, and the new-generation groups who create limitless possibilities. Our target groups are young and creative. You can find limitless potential in them because they represent the future.”

The platinum power consisting of 1.5T and 9CVT secures your passion for driving

To live a genuine life full of freedom, we have to ignite our limitless potential. Arrizo GX provides the most robust power to ignite the blood of drivers to the utmost extent.

Arrizo GX is the first to be equipped with 1.5T+9CVT efficient power system, which is known as the benchmark power assembly for same-class models. The power assembly brings the most exciting accelerating experience.

The 1.5T supercharged engine, equipped on all models in Arrizo GX, provides maximum 147Ps horsepower, 108 kw maximum power and 210N.m peak torque. The engine also adopts the integration technology often seen in luxury brand engines. Compared with the traditional non-integrated 1.5T engine, the acceleration response has improved by 35%.

“The SPORT model, made possible by 1.5T supercharged engine and 9CVT, ensures the Arrizo GX has the most robust power. It takes only 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60km/h and 9 seconds from 0 to 100km/h.”

It is noteworthy the 1.5T engine equipped on Arrizo GX provides 37.1% engine thermal efficiency that is higher than some luxury brands in EU or USA, which can realize 6.4L fuel consumption per 100KM.

The tech & aesthetic design releases the strong atmosphere of sport

Arrizo GX adopts the all-new family design language, featured by the broad X-shaped front. The outline seems to be the diamond cutting, which produces the aggressive look. The horizontal straight lines and vertical curves meet each other in the most passionate way, presenting the all-new X-shaped front. The convolution waveband energy photoconductive lamp, the dot-matrix front grille and front co-exist in a perfect way.

The body takes the design of agile lines. The young and dynamic pattern makes it easy to conquer the wind resistance. The fastback body design presents the most streamlined top and quick speed. The wind resistance coefficient is 0.28 in the state of high speed driving.

As the all-new sedan, Arrizo GX has the latest trimming design full of high-tech sense.

When designing Arrizo GX trimming design, designers of Chery combine elegance, nature and high-end elements so establish the all-new style of trimming designs with typical Chery genes.

In terms of details of trimming design, Arrizo GX trimming design adopts the layout of asymmetrical Future Wing suspended meters panel. All travel information is shown in the most prominent way to ensure the drivers have zero eyesight move in driving process, thus securing safety of drivers and passengers.

The driver’s seat has access to three screens, namely, the seven-inch intelligent link LCD meters, the eight-inch AC LCD touch screen and nine-inch retina HD touch capacitor console screen to establish the three-screen layout. The console system inclines to the driver, who has easy access to them to have the all-control experience of control.

The Aurora String Penetrating AC outlet design, compared with the AC outlet of traditional vehicles, can better mix the natural gas to stimulate more air flows, thus realizing balance between environment temperature and outlet temperature, and improving the comfort of using AC facilities in the vehicle.

A lot of leather materials are used to envelop trimming designs, which have the premium visual sense. The leather is gentle and soft, thus having the best sense of touch. 65% of the trimming design is covered by leather.

As the 2018 strategic model of Chery, Arrizo GX carries the latest results of Chery’s strategic transformation in performance, intelligent technologies and automobile design. According to top leadership of Chery, Arrizo GX will be first launched in China. After that, it will be sold in overseas markets in Q4, where it will be named as ARRIZO6. As the latest sedan of Chery, the all-new model will help improve the competitiveness of Chery in the overseas market.

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