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Aptera and leading in-wheel powertrain maker Elaphe announce strategic deal for electric motors

Aptera Motors announces deal worth several hundred million euros to source distributed drive platform technologies from Elaphe

Aptera Motors announces deal worth several hundred million euros to source distributed drive platform technologies from Elaphe. The deal is another leap forward for Aptera to enter series production in record time. Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Elaphe is a technology leader for in-wheel powertrains, and is Aptera’s vendor of record for the electric propulsion system. The arrangement includes a detailed plan to scale production in Slovenia, and then extend production to the US.

Chris Anthony, Co-CEO of Aptera notes that this partnership marks strategic progress for Aptera’s production timeline. “We’re very proud to work with the experts at Elaphe, and this agreement means that we can proceed rapidly. Not only will Elaphe’s in-wheel motors make Aptera faster and more efficient, we are pleased to work with an industry leader redefining what is possible.”

The deal adds positive momentum to Aptera’s rapid development toward the final vehicle production stage and fortifies the existing relationship between Aptera and Elaphe, formalizing the process of incorporating Elaphe’s advanced in-wheel motor technology within Aptera. A major part of the plan is the establishment of a new 160,000 square foot R&D and production center where Elaphe will begin to ramp up motor production for Aptera, leading to a 100,000 unit annual capacity.

Elaphe’s technology allows Aptera to effectively innovate and build its cutting-edge vehicles at a rapid pace. With the competencies in holistic integration, Elaphe’s experience and technology facilitate Aptera’s innovative features and ensure vehicle design freedom. With Aptera’s focus on packaging and vehicle efficiency, these in-wheel motors offer a compact, high-torque solution, allowing for the vehicle’s enhanced aerodynamics, lighter overall vehicle weight, and improved handling — resulting in better mileage and safety.

“Our mission has always been the enablement of vehicle-level innovation. Aptera is pushing to extremes and radically changing the premise of achievable aerodynamic design and manufacturing concepts for electric vehicles. The vehicle is a really good match with Elaphe in-wheel powertrain technology, because it both requires and benefits from motor packaging, low energy losses, and vehicle dynamics. We at Elaphe are excited to have the opportunity to tap into our platform and work with visionaries at Aptera on accelerating their movement.” notes Gorazd lampic, Elaphe’s CEO.

SOURCE: Aptera

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