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Antolin develops an innovative lighting system that improves driver vision for safer night driving

The NightSight Assist project allows users to reduce headlight glare, better appreciate shapes in low visibility situations, or improve signal interpretation through a lighting system that optimizes the driver’s pupil diameter

Antolin is focused on offering its customers innovative technology solutions with the goal of generating a smart vehicle interior that is more sustainable, safer, and comfortable for the traveler. Within this strategy, the company is investigating the potential of lighting as a versatile and intelligent system capable of interacting with various functions within the interior. Its latest pioneering development (NightSight Assist) is based on a lighting system that can optimize the driver’s pupil diameter by inhibiting adverse effects caused by low-light conditions and thus improving the user’s vision.

The NightSight Assist system allows users to reduce glare from headlights or other bright flashes; better appreciate shapes in low visibility situations, such as detecting an animal trying to cross the road; improve road signal interpretation; and decrease distorted vision.

This innovative system has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Ophthalmology (IOBA) and the University of Valladolid (UVa).


While traffic is significantly reduced at night, more than half of fatality accidents occur during that time. To conduct the appropriate studies to help solve this problem, Antolin, the IOBA and the UVa built a unique state-of-the-art simulator to clinically measure the impact of light on the user and how to mitigate visual impairment during night driving. The results obtained in the tests were very positive and allowed the majority of monitored users to exponentially improve their visual acuity and comfort in night driving situations.

The solution can be integrated in the best possible ergonomic location: the sunvisor, adding additional functionality to this product when folded, without restricting its adaptation to other interior products.

Additionally, the device settings are configurable, always seeking to offer the best experience adapted to personal conditions, such as age and ocular pathologies.

This unique collaboration between industry and the academic world demonstrates the commitment of Antolin and the entities involved in jointly addressing the challenges of mobility and visual health through advanced, research-based solutions.

This project contributes significantly to reducing the risk of traffic accidents and improving driver comfort in night-time settings, regardless of age, promoting more inclusive mobility that responds to the needs of a population with longer life expectancy. Improving road safety also promotes a safer environment for all citizens, contributing to the quality of life of the population and overall well-being. The project has been co-financed by the Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial (ICE) for its innovation and response to the future challenges with social interest.

SOURCE: Antolin

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