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Aiways: An open and flexible culture is crucial for driving change in the mobility sector

Recently appointed Chief Technology Officer, Zhang Jie, embodies spirit of progressive innovation

Attracting a new generation of innovators and business leaders in a highly competitive, fast-growing automotive industry requires an open, creative, and flexible company culture, according to Shanghai-based personal mobility provider Aiways.

Aiways continues to expand its senior team, and its dynamic corporate ethos was crucial for bringing on board new Chief Technology Officer, Zhang Jie, 41, earlier this year.

“As a startup, Aiways is very ambitious but also inherently open to change and new ideas,” comments Zhang. “This is highly attractive to potential employees, particularly forward-thinking individuals who need a progressive company environment to really flourish. These are the individuals who keep our business agile; they are always looking ahead to what comes next while simultaneously ensuring we develop products that meet the needs of today’s customers. It’s important to ensure we provide the ultimate user experience, we are looking to use additional technology partners to enhance our models, making the best technology accessible to our customers whilst meeting a competitive price.”

Advanced technology and progressive connectivity features are at the heart of Aiways development, and the brand frequently works with partners to ensure their product offering stands alone in the market by offering customers the latest intuitive technology at an affordable price.

Zhang has worked in the automotive sector for over 15 years and is the third generation of his family to work in the sector. “I started out in the field of connectivity, working on research and development for smartphones. While my passion for cars brought me into the automotive sector, my background in consumer electronics gave me a keen instinct for enhancing the customer experience.”

In 2016, Zhang was part of the team at startup OEM Weltmeister Motor as Director of IoV (Internet of Vehicles), and the following year became General Manager at Chang’an Automobile Software Technology, responsible for intelligent drive systems of various models. Zhang joined Aiways earlier this year to find a new outlet for his insights into the user experience.

Aiways’ Vice President of Overseas Operations, Alexander Klose added: “Finding the right people is key for our growth, and our open and dynamic culture gives us an advantage over legacy manufacturers. Our people are able to shape the direction we take every day, and Zhang Jie is showing how that approach can unlock exciting new developments in the user experience at a rapid pace.”

Established in 2017, Aiways aims to expand to attract many more technology experts into the automotive industry as the EV market expands. Launched in 2019, Aiways’ debut U5 SUV made its arrival in Europe after a 15,000-kilometer prototype drive from China to Germany and currently has order books open in 15 European markets.

Autumn 2022 will see Aiways develop its technology with the introduction of its second electric vehicle, the U6 SUV-Coupé, which is currently participating in a European roadshow showcasing its latest technology in nine markets. This second model will project Aiways’ goal to make EV ownership more accessible and easier.

SOURCE: Aiways

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